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I'm so clever,

I can do, that,

What's happening ?,

I'm going, MAD !.

Mad with I, Mad eith ME,

I.m better than him,

better than her,

Everyone should, call me Sir !

I've forgotten Vaheguru,

My Friend and Supporter,

Forgot my true Mum and Dad,

All this Ego, really makes me sad.

Oh my mind remember Vaheguru,

Oh please do Sewa,

Don't expect a favour,

But, Do it with love and endeavor.

Serve The Wonderful Guru,

Serve Humankind,

That's why Vaheguru,

Given you these hands, feet and mind.

The Guru is the greatest,

The Guru is the best,

Stop ! thinking of yourself,

And give your head a rest.

First I has to die,

To become the dust of everybody,

Because when there is no me,

Then The Truth we will see.

Let's not let pride be our guide,

The Guru's way is beatiful,

The Guru's way is true,

Humility is the way, to the Supreme True Guru.


The Gift From Vaheguru

Kesh is part of the Khalsa Uniform,

It is not there to deform,

Oh man why do you shave your face,

To try to look like a woman, is a disgrace.

Oh Mr.Singh,

Your a, Lion King,

Don't cut your mane,

To be the same.

To follow pride & vanity,

Truly, leads to insanity,

Don't worry what people think,

Otherwise you will sink.

To be natural is really cool,

Don't cut and be a fool,

It's really hard at the beginning,

Take that step, and stop that trimming.

Oh, fathers, mothers to be old is no shame,

To colour your hair, gives you no fame,

Why do they cut again and again,

Have they gone insane ?

The Kesh gives us our identity,

We can be spotted even if there is plenty,

Be proud of what you are,

The Khalsa can be spotted from very far.

The Kesh is a gift from Vaheguru,

To keep it, is not new,

Have faith in Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji,

He will save & protect, you will see.


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