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Russia and Operation Blue Star


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This comes from 'The Glimpses of the Harimandir' by Dr. Sarup Singh Alag.

In a chaptar called "Russian thinking and the Harimandir" the author makes references to the 'athiest Russian rulers' and 'it was being heard everywhere that the Russian frends of the indian govt advised the govt of india that it should attack the Golden Temple without bothering as to whether the reigious sensibilities of the Siks or the lovers of the Harimandir got hurt or not"

Can anyone add more to this, and please can anyone clarify whether Golden Temple should be called "HarImandir" or "HaRMandir' ? Thanks

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Bharaava, Sabh suni-sunaayee gal hai.

The Indian govt. was aware of Pakistan's involvement in crises in Punjab. Atleast, there was Pakistan's army movement along with Indo-Pak border. For details, read the white paper by the Indian govt to know its views. Also, there were rumours that Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale went to Pakistan. For more, read 'Bhindranwale: Myth And Reality' by Chand Joshi. The govt may have consulted USSR's govt. before making a serious decision, but it must be un-official.

According to present trend of Gurbani pronounciation, the 'Sihari' in 'Har' is not pronounced. So, we pronounce 'Harmandar' or Harmandir'.

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