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Spiritual medicine !


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The mind has an influence on the body and vice versa. These two work

together, neither side can be ignored. Taking medicine is not wrong in

principle; what is wrong is to attend only to the body and ignore the

mind. If there is a need for medicine, then take it, but be careful that

you don't let it be a support and become dependent.

When the mind is kept free from tension and worry, sleep comes

naturally. Or, even if you can't sleep, there will be such peace and calm,

you will still feel refreshed. Learn to be your own spiritual doctor.

Whatever the nature of an illness-heart problems, cancer or simply

intense pain-it is through the power of meditation, the remembrance of

God, that illness can be overcome. This will also protect you from the

negative things your friends and even doctors might say

about your health

Sometimes even just hearing about another's illness, people worry that

they might have it and become ill as a result. If you have something

wrong, to worry about it and spread your worry to others will only

aggravate your ill-health. So even if the body is sick, learn how to let the

mind simply remain in the remembrance of God.

If there is even a trace of worry, no cure can be effective

Source: athilat.com

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