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What would I teach my child / myself ?

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Sincerely praising leads to eternal happiness

What would I teach my child / myself?

Following are few ideas.

1. Good and bad co-exist in this world, in our own body and in others.

2. While we cannot ignore the bad, we can train our mind to constantly focus on the good.

3. An easy way to focus on the good is to search for it and to sincerely praise it.

4. God has made many things, which can be praised. Few of them are: various organs of our body, a beautiful sunset at the beach, beautiful birds/peacocks, beautiful fishes in an aquarium, the multi-coloured rainbow, etc.

5. Similarly man has inventedmany things, which are truly wonderful. They make our lives easy/comfortable. Few of them are: a cell phone, a tv, computer, a car, camera, a flyover, a sky-scrapper, landing/take-off of a plane, a locomotive, etc.

6. We can intelligently praise our parents, teachers, friends, employees, etc.

7. If we consciously train our child to appreciate things, it will generate positive thought-waves in him. This will give him three benefits:

· It will attract ‘positive energies’ from the outer world to him.

· It will awaken/strengthen the ‘positive energies’, present within him.

· It will make the other person happy. This in turn will rebound back to him.

8. It is a cosmic law that, when we praise something, we attract it towards us.

9. For example, when we praise a person, our friendship increases. So also, if we praise ‘good qualities such as: knowledge, purity etc.’, then these qualities are strengthened within us. Since both, humans and matter, is made-up by the same ‘cosmic life force’, the same law is applicable.

10. Saints reached/became God by praising Him/ His qualities. This is a truth.

11. This cosmic law is a hidden secret, known only to a few people.

12. Praising is difficult. It requires constant training and alertness.

13. Gurbani/Sukhmani Sahib also says:‘ Gunn gaavat teri utras mael ’ . This means that our mind is purified when we praise God and His world.

14. Conversely, criticizing a person/thing will make it go away from us. By criticizing, we strengthen the negative qualities within us.

Hope this helps you in ‘ happy parenting ’.

Thank you for your valuable time. Your honest feedback will be appreciated.

Humbly contributed by Satnam Kaur and colleagues of Gurbani Class,

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