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Northern Lights - Sparked - Out now


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its been out for a couple of weeks

Northern Lights is two apnai from scotland ends , lil dev and Tarv , they have took out an interesting album called Sparked

kicks of with a track called Junaab, wasnt the best track in my opinion but the quality of the music certainly shows, very welldone

the tune titled wrong number, what can i say what a tune, something different, the clap beats , the tumbi, one of my favorite tune and new talent also, Fauji Rajpuri

Billo tere nakre, sang by labh janjua which has got the best voice in bhangra if u ask me, but i m sorry to say it wasnt the best tune, the tracks too plain if you ask me, even though the tumbi is welll frantic

Serious sang by Calvin, one of those tune which has english vocals over punjabi music, im sorry but i dont like this new vibe, it dont work for me, dunno about the rest of yah

ek kurri sang by the mighty Kuldip Manak, the music is ok, nice to listen to

mittae gunnai, no not the malkit singh one, lol, rather different, didnt like the vocalist if you ask me, music alright

Aashiq dig dig, sang by the talented kaka Bhainivala, who sang the track Sanehval Chounk on word is born, hes backdoing some stuff, probably with tigerstyle aswell, who knows!, music is good, and cleverly used the ushers sample

the next tune Mirza Boliyan, singing is the talented Bhupinder Singh , his mighty voice can be heard of the Defenders of the Faith album released by immortal productions, on the gurmat geet " jhoolde kersi jande"

this tune is welll wicked , very fast tabla, with a tumbi sample, and a deep garage beat to go with it, can be experimented with the dhol aswell, fab tune

ni Umiye, seems like an old tune been remade again, its nice to listen to, more new talent, Harminder jannat

Matador, by one of biggest singers going, yep, Lembher Hussainpuri, track name matador, tunes well fast and a sick tumbi/ sarangi line to go with it, one of tunes that grow on you

Pounda Naal - sang by Amanjot Kaur, vah vah, kya baat man, such new talent once again, a sick beat, a dash of tabla and a sprinkle of sarangi, brilliant!, lol

Tanveer Gogi sings not just junaab but the a une called Yaari Laoni, it was strange when i heard this tune becoz the advert/ promo version was far better and some how the mash the drummit beat up, i dunno

the last tune, courtesy of Nachurals Recprds by the might Tigerstyle finsih it off with a Billo tere nakre remix with has a ! we will rock you!" , feeling to it

overall lives up to dr zeus original edit

when i listen to album i always lookingkeen on looking for quality msuic, and the samples etc used on the album arereally well done and hasbeen mastered to a good standard

one of thee albums to buy this year, dont download it


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