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Curing "pollution" !

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This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 331

jal hai soothak thhal hai soothak soothak oupath hoee ||

janamae soothak mooeae fun soothak soothak paraj bigoee ||1||

kahu rae pa(n)ddeeaa koun paveethaa ||

aisaa giaan japahu maerae meethaa ||1|| rehaao ||

nainahu soothak bainahu soothak soothak sravanee hoee ||

oot(h)ath bait(h)ath soothak laagai soothak parai rasoee ||2||

faasan kee bidhh sabh kooo jaanai shhoottan kee eik koee ||

kehi kabeer raam ridhai bichaarai soothak thinai n hoee ||3||41||

There is pollution in the water, and pollution on the land; whatever is born is polluted.

There is pollution in birth, and more pollution in death; all beings are ruined by pollution. ||1||

Tell me, O Pandit, O religious scholar: who is clean and pure?

Meditate on such spiritual wisdom, O my friend. ||1||Pause||

There is pollution in the eyes, and pollution in speech; there is pollution in the ears as well.

Standing up and sitting down, one is polluted; one's kitchen is polluted as well. ||2||

Everyone knows how to be caught, but hardly anyone knows how to escape.

Says Kabeer, those who meditate on the Lord within their hearts, are not polluted. ||3||41||

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