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Sant Karam Singh Ji Hoti Mardan meeting with fakir sharafdin


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~ Meeting with Fakir Sharafdin ~

Rawalpindi was 30 miles from potohar; on horse back sant ji overnight in some orchid and left early in the morning. The second night he stayed at sarifnagar at the sant's dera, from there he came to Fateh Jung. At this place there resided a enlightened Fakir Sharafin. Fakir Along with his murids was going out for his meditation, but stood at the end of the road. Seeing this his murids asked him that why he stopped. Fakir said that he was standing there for the darshan of allah's beloved person. Baba Lal Singh Ji and Sant Karam Singh Ji approached on horse back. On seeing the fakir, both of them got down, Fakir said Salam. Sant Ji wished him and asked how he was. Fakir Ji said that on seeing you I have got all the happiness. Fakir asked that why this time, darshan took so long. Sant Ji replied that we both are the same and by grace of Allah and will keep meeting.

Salok: [Gaud Mehl- pg-868]

Na Aeh Bodha Na Aeh Bala..

Na Aes Dukh Nahi Jam Jaala..

It was not an old man or young boy. It has no sorrow not any confusion.

Fakir said, young man do have parsad and then carry on. Sant Ji replied,

"Mian Ji Allah's bhandara is never ending and his presence is with me all the time.

Fakir's eyes became wet with love, he then plucked barries and offered to Sant Ji and baba lal singh ji. he expected the berries as blessing from him and then asked his leave. He reached the boundaries of Sant Chand Shah and the fakir with murida went to the mosque. Murida asked the fakir about the conversation with sant ji and from how long you know him. Fakir ji answered that their relation is not limited to one birth but many births, which only allah's beloved people can understand. In a very short pan of time- Sant Ji was going to be very famous.

Chand Shah was famous for purity and truthfuleness. He went forward to receive them and welcomed them with love and gratitude. Chanda Shah possessed sau sakhi which was a great wealth received by his great grand parents as a blessing from kalagian wale- siri guru gobind singh ji. He gave the sau sakhi to sant ji. He ordered them to keep it a secret as this granth had many things hidden in it.

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