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Ascending Upwards

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Ascending Upwards

Life's Stepping Stones

All of nature is in a continual state of growth and evolution. We are no different. Each stage in our personal evolution paves the way for the next. Each stage prepares us for the next challenge, the next opportunity, the next expression of our being. Whether or not you are enjoying your current situation, know that you are just passing through on your way to the next level - the next stepping stone - on the journey of your life.

Stepping stones are found in all areas of endeavor - our careers, our relationships, our emotional and spiritual development. It's often difficult to see our direction in the midst of the journey, but if we could look back on our lives and watch them unfold from a higher vantage point, the direction of our growth and the connection between one experience and the next would be clear.

Perhaps you had a relationship or series of relationships in your twenties that gave you the wisdom to recognize the right person when he or she came along a decade later. Perhaps you acquired a skill at a casual job or through a hobby that later allowed you pursue a meaningful career. Perhaps a difficult event such as a serious illness or the death of a loved one propelled you to search for deeper meaning and understanding. These are examples of life's stepping stones.

As we follow our path, we often revisit the same issues, but from a higher, wiser place each time. We can track growth by identifying situations we've faced more than once and noting that each time we handled them a bit better. Whether or not you can see how your present situation is serving you or where it may lead, know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Trust that your soul knows where you're headed even if you don't. And trust that your stepping stones are leading you exactly where you need to go

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