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God is the Perfect Primal Being

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This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Svaiyay Mehl 5 on Pannaa 1388

dyh n gyh n nyh n nIqw mwieAw mq khw lau gwrhu ]

CqR n pqR n caur n cwvr bhqI jwq irdY n ibcwrhu ]

rQ n Asà n gj isMGwsn iCn mih iqAwgq nWg isDwrhu ]

sUr n bIr n mIr n Kwnm sMig n koaU idRsit inhwrhu ]

kot n Et n kos n Cotw krq ibkwr doaU kr Jwrhu ]

imqR n puqR klqR swjn sK aultq jwq ibrK kI CWrhu ]

dIn dXwl purK pRB pUrn iCn iCn ismrhu Agm Apwrhu ]

sRIpiq nwQ srix nwnk jn hy BgvMq ik®pw kir qwrhu ]5]

dhaeh n gaeh n naeh n neethaa maaeiaa math kehaa lo gaarahu ||

shhathr n pathr n chour n chaavar behathee jaath ridhai n bichaarahu ||

rathh n asv n gaj si(n)ghaasan shhin mehi thiaagath naa(n)g sidhhaarahu ||

soor n beer n meer n khaanam sa(n)g n kooo dhrisatt nihaarahu ||

kott n outt n kos n shhottaa karath bikaar dhooo kar jhaarahu ||

mithr n puthr kalathr saajan sakh oulattath jaath birakh kee shhaa(n)rahu ||

dheen dhayaal purakh prabh pooran shhin shhin simarahu agam apaarahu ||

sreepath naathh saran naanak jan hae bhagava(n)th kirapaa kar thaarahu ||5||

Neither body, nor house, nor love last forever. You are intoxicated with Maya; how long will you be proud of them?

Neither crown, nor canopy, nor servants last forever. You do not consider in your heart that your life is passing away.

Neither chariots, nor horses, nor elephants or royal thrones shall last forever. In an instant, you will have to leave them, and depart naked.

Neither warrior, nor hero, nor king or ruler last forever; see this with your eyes.

Neither fortress, nor shelter, nor treasure will save you; doing evil deeds, you shall depart empty-handed.

Friends, children, spouses and friends - none of them last forever; they change like the shade of a tree.

God is the Perfect Primal Being, Merciful to the meek; each and every instant, meditate in remembrance on Him, the Inaccessible and Infinite.

O Great Lord and Master, servant Nanak seeks Your Sanctuary; please shower him with Your Mercy, and carry him across. ||5||

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