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Our Deeds !

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This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 317

pourree ||

jaevaehae karam kamaavadhaa thaevaehae falathae ||

chabae thathaa loh saar vich sa(n)ghai palathae ||

ghath galaavaa(n) chaaliaa thin dhooth amal thae ||

kaaee aas n pu(n)neeaa nith par mal hirathae ||

keeaa n jaanai akirathaghan vich jonee firathae ||

sabhae dhhiraa(n) nikhutteeas hir leeas dhhar thae ||

vijhan kaleh n dhaevadhaa thaa(n) laeiaa karathae ||

jo jo karathae aha(n)maeo jharr dhharathee parrathae ||32||


According to the deeds which one does, so are the fruits one obtains.

If someone chews on red-hot iron, his throat will be burned.

The halter is put around his neck and he is led away, because of the evil deeds he has done.

None of his desires are fulfilled; he continually steals the filth of others.

The ungrateful wretch does not appreciate what he has been given; he wanders lost in reincarnation.

He loses all support, when the Support of the Lord is taken away from him.

He does not let the embers of strife die down, and so the Creator destroys him.

Those who indulge in egotism crumble and fall to the ground. ||32||

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