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West Midland's Sikhi week!

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West Midland's Sikhi Week is here once again and it just doesn't stop getting bigger and better than ever!

Pay special attention to Guru's langar on campus (this Thurs), Keertan on campus, soul sikher play, charity car wash and candle-lit vigil...

It's sure to be kicking so make sure you don't miss out!

[align=center:45f00c5641]“The ONEâ€

Aston University

Weds 2nd Nov


To kick start the week, a great spiritual professor, Bhai Vir Jee, will be leading a discussion on Guru Nanak Dev Jee, the founder of the Sikh faith and the inspiration behind this year’s Sikhi Week. Make sure your there to experience an enlightening encounter of a unique kind!

[align=center:45f00c5641]Gurus' Langar on Campus

University of Birmingham

Thursday 3rd Nov


Voted best student event of 2004, this year we’re hoping to surpass the revolution that hit the campus of bham last year. In celebration of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s birthday we shall we serving free food to anyone and everyone and offering a truly Sikh experience to all. With a huge marquee in the middle of campus you can’t miss it so make sure your there… Over 2000 other people will be!

[align=center:45f00c5641]Food for the Soul

University of Birmingham

Thursday 3rd Nov


To continue the party atmosphere of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s birthday we will be getting together in the evening to sing the praises of our creator. With the sun setting on the campus after a truly unique day, there is guaranteed to be a reflective and peaceful atmosphere in the midst of all the hustle of campus life. Join the Keertan in the marquee and stick around for the fireworks display at the end!

[align=center:45f00c5641]Soul Sikher

Arena Theatre: Wolverhampton.

Saturday 5th Nov

7.30pm start[/align:45f00c5641]

Join us for an exclusive Sikh Soc showing of the biggest play to hit the town this year. Watch out for laughs, fun and pindu jokes along the way… Make sure you don’t fall out of your seat in laughter! But hurry, tickets are selling as fast as mum’s proatae on a Sunday morning so ring 07974 647772 to make sure you’re not left disappointed! (Tickets £6.50 members/ £8 non-members)

[align=center:45f00c5641]Charity Car Wash

Guru Nanak Gurdwara car park, Sedgley Street, Wolverhampton

Sunday 6th Nov

9am start[/align:45f00c5641]

To raise money for the tragic earthquake that hit South Asia this month, us students will be getting together to raise some much needed money as well as leaving auntia happy with gleaming new cars! Join us to help out and partake in some true Seva as our first Guru instructed us to do…

[align=center:45f00c5641]Dare to be Different…

The University of Central England

Monday 7th Nov


With the world turned upside down by recent acts of terrorism and religious debates springing up everywhere, join us for some interesting debate on where we, as Sikhs stand in today’s ever-changing society. Professor Gurnam Singh from the University of Coventry will head this hot topic of debate so make sure you’re there to help us define our identity and role as the future of tomorrow.

[align=center:45f00c5641]Flames of Justice

Birmingham City Centre: Chamberlain Square

Tuesday 8th Nov


As an act of remembrance, the Sikh community will be holding a candlelit vigil to mark the killing of thousands of Sikhs across India from the 80’s until the present. To this date even after the findings of the latest commission, no one has been prosecuted for the organisation of this horror and 21 years on the Sikh’s still await justice. Join us to light a candle of hope and say a prayer for all those souls awaiting peace.


Sikh-ing Meditation

The University of Wolverhampton

Wednesday 9th November


This event will be an interactive workshop on the art of Sikh meditation. An experienced teacher, Bhai Jujhar Singh who has a regular meditation class at Birmingham Uni will lead an introductory session that will equip participants with the necessary techniques to begin practicing meditation as a part of daily life.

For further details check out www.boss-uk.org

or email wmsikhsocs@boss-uk.org for more details...

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