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Burdens of the Soul

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Burdens Of The Soul

There are some souls which come to earth with much to accomplish. Their mission is challenging and arduous, and there are stages to its completion. Though the soul knows peace, faith, trust, and complete oneness with God ... the human self, the emotions and the daily consciousness often do not until later in the soul's development.

For these souls there is a need for comfort, rejuvenation, rest and tenderness on the human level. This allows the soul to unburden itself from the intensity and difficulty of what is being accomplished, and allows the physical and energy bodies to be sustained and nourished. Without the human level of rejuvenation, comfort and peace, the emotional and energy bodies become clogged, which creates distress and increased likelihood of stress related illness.

The human nervous system can receive much healing simply by experiencing the vibration of love and peace. In the later stages of the purification process there is created more connection between the soul's consciousness and the human consciousness, so that some of this vibration of love and peace can come through sitting quietly in meditation.

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