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Masnawi Khani

vijaydeep Singh

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Das wants to tell that this is read in the places of Sewapanthi an order of Sikhs who preach faith to Muslims also.

kindly see an example and link below.

The following poem of Rumi was recited and discussed.

English Translation

Where are you, martyrs divine, affliction-seekers of the plain of Karbala? Where are you, light-spirited lovers, speedier on wing than the birds of the air?

Where are you, celestial kings who know how to open heaven's gate?

Where are you, escaped from life and place? How can anyone tell reason, "Where are you?"

Where are you, you who have broken the door of the prison and set the debtors free? Where are you, you who have opened the door of the storehouse? Where are

you, help of the helpless?

You are in that sea whereof the world is the foam; swim a while more.

The forms of this world are the foam of that sea; leave the foam, if you are of the people of purity.

My heart foamed, which took the shape of words; let go the form, and go take the heart, if you are of us.

Shams-e Tabrizi, rise out of the east, for you are the source of the source of the source of every radiance.




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