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Calm your thoughts

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Calm your thoughts

When you are busy talking you cannot hear what others are saying. In the same way, when your mind is consumed with thinking and analyzing, you cannot learn what life has to tell you.

The ability to think is a useful, powerful and beautiful thing. Yet like all powerful things, thoughts are best when used in moderation.

If you become too consumed with your own thoughts, you can fail to see what is right in front of you. If you are too obsessed with analyzing every move, you become unable to move at all.

On a regular basis, take a quiet, peaceful retreat from your thoughts. Spend some time not plotting or worrying, not considering or agonizing, but just being and enjoying your own awareness.

Life can be wonderful when it is filled with noise, confusion, excitement and busy, complex thoughts. And those exciting times are even better when they're balanced with quiet, peaceful times.

Make it a point every so often to empty your mind. Then you'll be able to fill it with all the good things you want.

-- Ralph Marston


HARBHAJAN : the best way to calm your thoughts is to go into "WAHEGURU" simran !

Listen to 5 minutes of Waheguru naam simran:

Please click on the following link and play it now with your RealPlayer:


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