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Putting Your Faith in God

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Putting Your Faith in God

At times of great difficulty, human beings cry out to God and ask for divine intervention. This crying out stretches the heart and soul, and helps to bring the soul closer to God's heart.

In order for a deeper level of trust to occur in relation to God, there must first be an act of love and faith on the part of the soul that is seeking. The actions of love and trust, made as an offering to God, open the doorway so that the soul can have a deeper experience of God's reality. This experience in turn creates greater faith, so that what the soul most longs for can eventually be satisfied.

At this time the actions of faith are seen and heard by God, even if the human consciousness cannot yet feel faith in its fullness. Putting your faith in God, even when you cannot feel faith, even when you cannot feel God's reality, is a powerful antidote to the forces of darkness which would wish to create fear, doubt and despair.

Putting your faith in God is one of the first steps in the process of redemption, where all hurts are healed, where all wrong actions are righted, where what has been out of balance can become whole and pure once again. Putting your faith in God is one of the most worthy actions a soul can undertake at this time, which will create a pathway of light for all souls to eventually return home. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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