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Friendship is a gift given to another to do with as they see fit. You do not have the right to dictate terms or conditions. Once given it must be allowed to either blossom and grow or fade and die. Interference of any kind should not be part of the deal.

Sometimes encouragement is needed, guidance even, but, as the friend becomes stronger and more confident, it is good to sit back and take delight in the transformation. As time passes there might be a parting of the ways, but that does not mean the friendship has come to an end.

True friendship does not have strings attached. Manipulation or the expectation of gratitude is harmful and will end up hurting the very person you hold dear in your heart. You have no right to try to control or undermine the progress that has been made. How would you feel if the roles were reversed?

It is a two-way partnership, both parties contributing to the relationship. Each as important as the other, giving and receiving and blossoming in the warmth of the Love offered from the heart to the heart. Nobody can destroy the harmony unless you yourselves allow it to happen.

You should try to spread Love and Light to all those you meet. Some will return the favour, but always remember that a stranger could be a friend you have yet to meet.

Friendship is a priceless gift that should be cherished by both parties. Give with Love, receive with Love, grow with Love.

source: http://www.daily-spiritual.co.uk/thoughts.html

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