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With a heavy & sad heart !

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Firstly, it is amazing to note that Sikhs with mere worldly academic qualifications/knowledge are preaching the literal meaning of Gurbani as if they are the contemporaries of our Gurus. THEY HAVE NO SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE/ EXPERIENCE ATTAINED THROUGH YEARS / LIFE-TIME OF "NAAM DE KAMAI" !

Secondly, I perceive Gurbani as the "FARM" and Reht Maryada as the FENCE. I have observed that the sole attention is focused on the FENCE, rather then "PLANTING & HARVESTING CROPS ON THE "FARM" i.e. Naam Simran , thus side-stepping the true teaching of our Gurus !

Present events of SGPC/ AKAL TAKHT/ SAD bear true witness of the above state of Sikh Religion !

Rather than WALK the spiritual path shown by our Gurus we tend to merely TALK it thus paying only lip service !

May WAHEGURU Ji, bless us with HIS divine love and enlighten us all !

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