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Mothers Human Rights Vialoted, BY "U.S. AIRWAYS"


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This is sad world we living in, no matter how hard so called western society values try to convince others how peace loving they are and free from discrimination, tolerant they are blah blah, the sad reality just comes out.

source: taken sikhsangat forum


I wish to relate to you all that are readig this the events that accurred on Monday the 14 August. As we are very well aware what occurred due to terrorist threats over the weekend and the flights being at standstill. Anyhow, my mother was flying out from Manchester airport via US Airways and I wish to take you through the duration of events:

14 Aug 2006

8am : Dropped mother (aged 59 years) off at manchester airport

Between the above and below time, mum checked in went through imigigration and metal detectors. The security removed toothpaste and facial cream from my mum possession.

11am : Flight due to depart.

11.20am two police officers (one male and female) board the plane whilst the plane is full and remove mum off the plane. Take mum to a small didgy room and provide mum with no drink nor food.

approx 2.30pm is released after mums belongings are checked. Mum enquires about flight, police officer states its gone and to enquire at US Airways desk (which is closed). Mum asks what now, they (police) inform mum to call back at 8am and leave her there.

At this point mum rings me and tells me everything. I get the number of the US Airways, speak to a representative and she informs me taht the plane is still there due to maintenance.

4pm Arrive at Manchester Airport with my wife and father. Go down to the Information Desk who inform me that the flight has just gone! Ask to speak to the US Airways Manager called Darley Williams.

5.30pm US Airways manager turns up all apologetic! I say we not asking for a apology, we are asking for an explanation WHY, she was removed from the plane by two police officers in a such a humilating and indignified manner!

Finally after half hour she says the following:

1. Persons Origin, I ask her to ellaborate, she states Pakistani

2. Skin Colour

3. Asian Surname

She states that it is nothing to do with her or the airline but the police (Special Branch!)

We asked for compensation for the inconvenience she was having non-of-it!!!!

She said taht she if we wants compensation we need to contact their customer relations who are in AMERICA!!! I said call me on my mobile and provide me with the e-mail address and number which she never did and we phoned her at 9.30pm and she promised that she would be at the US Airways desk to meet us in the morning which she never did!!!

On arriving at home.. my wife spoke to the police and mentioned the above the three points and asked wouldnt you say this was discrimination? The police officer responded I wouldnt disagree with you.

My wife mentioned that Darley said it was the police who instigated everything. The police stated NO this was all the airways doing and they are just trying to pass the blame on.

Then we spoke to Darley and mentioned the above (obviously she did not have a clue and was trying to ween herself out of a sticky situation) . Then my wife laughed at her down the phone because we were getting no where! Then Darley puts the phone down on us.

The next day I go back to work, my dad and wife drop mum off at 8 am.

My wife phones me up and states that two guys are following mum around and I asked my Singhini to ask them who they are.

My wife goes up to them and asks them and they state they are security. They check mums suitcase again!

At this point I am annoyed next day (Wednesday) BBC come round to my house and record statements and chase up statements from US Airways and the Police.

Yesterdays Metro Paper on Page 7 article, Human rights may be sacrificed, says Reid (John, The Home Secretarty). Hes not kidding!!!

"INDIVIDUAL human rights may have to be sacrificed to protect the wider public from terrorism!", Johh Reid warned yesterday.

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