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Col Sandhu-Exposed as Pakistani Agent


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[align=center:20956dfcbd]Please see the attached article dated 4th September 2006 taken from the

Punjabi Tribune and Ajit Weekly exposing Col G.S Sandhu.

Col Gurbirinder Singh Sandhu has been followed and tracked over the past few years and agencies have discovered him to be an undercover Pakistani Agent. He currently has 2 brothers namely Mohammed Shahi and Ahmed Shahi whom both appear to be residing in Lahore.

He has currently escaped India due to a overhead case in Chandigarh, concerning an attempt to commit gun violence in our Sikh Gurdwaras. He will be in the UK untill the 22nd September then will be visiting New York for a period of 2 weeks.

It is a humble benthi to all Sikh Sangat throughout the world to be aware of this undercover agent.

Please read the article for further information.[/align:20956dfcbd]


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Col Sandhu alleges campaign against him

Amritsar, September 6

The chairman of the Majha Ex-Servicemen Human Rights Group, Col G.S. Sandhu (retd), today said a campaign to malign his name by branding him as an ISI agent had been launched by those declared proclaimed offenders.

He said Baba Ranjit Singh Rania of the Taruna Dal, headed by Nihang Ajit Singh Poohla, had accused him of being an ISI agent and receiving funds from Paramjit Singh Panjwar, chief of the Khalistan Commando Force, for the campaign against Poohla.

He said Rania had also accused him of being a Muslim as his two brothers, Mohammed Shahi and Ahmed Shahi, had been living at Model Town in Lahore. TNS

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