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Dasham Granth Darpan online

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At present there has been a sort of match by anit Dasham Granth lobby to undermine the verse from Tenth Guru due to influnece of our Respected Kala Afghana Sahib.

due to oppsing it further there has been oppositon to Baptism as well belvfie that Tenth Master wrote any Bani at all.

Das was recently surprised to know that Missioanries type of Sikhs who often sreve as Bhai or Granthi in Gurudwara Sahib generaly do not carry out Baptism or Amrit Sanskar at all.

Das will talk about that some other day.

But so far das did not find any good litrature in the form of book about oppsing issues raised by Kala Afghana sahib,who in turn was influence by Ambala Sahib.

In this issue Das got to know about a book by Bhai Harbans Singh Ji,which was writtan against Ambala Sahib while having questions and answers with Bhai Amrit Pal Singh Ji.

Das was able to get second edition of that book with some questions addressing Kala Afghana Sahib also.

Later das met Bhai Harbans Singh Ji himself.After some discussion das found that das had some differnt interpetation of Dasham Granth .Bhai Sahib told das to learn more and research more.

So as there is some differnce between Kala Afghana Sahib and Ambala Sahib also on Anti Dasham Granth isssue(Former says no bani Belongs to Tenth Master While Later did agree that 5 Belonged).

so das's views are a bit,in differnt prespective regarding Dasham Granth.And Bhai Sahib told das to work more on that issue and learn more.And das obeyed to it.

Yet as we see that ,in case of site related to sikhmarg.com we have both views of Ambala Sahib and Kala Afghana Sahib givne togather.

And there has been no much forcefullfull point to point answer rasided by Amabala Sahib.So das asked Bhai Sahib to make his work online.

Das was given the permission to do so.Das there after got pdf version of the book made.And Das is further Thankfull to Bhai N30 Singh Ji,the moderator of sikhawareness.com,who provieded das with webspace to accomodate the various parts of the book.

Das just got this book clandestinely online so that reserachers can have a look on the other side of the coin also.

Anyway soon we will Get a better online version of the same book by a Gursikh from patiyala and das will give link of that site also,when ever it is online.

Address of Bhai Sahib and his other writtan books are provided at the site link of which follows.


Das at last just wants to comment about our Great Sikh Bhai Gurbax Singh Ji Kala Afghana Ji.

Das has great respect in him and great hope in him.Also das does not find any doubt about his intention or integrity and oppse slander for himself.

But das finds some flaws in his intellect.If das gets a chance,then das will try to meet him and will give das's precetion on understadning Dasham Granth Sahib Ji.And das hope that maganimuous personalty like Kala Afghana Sahib will appriciate views of Das.

But as das has been told to leanr more and study more so das will do the same as per order of Bhai Harbans Singh Ji.But das wants others to study the workd of Bhai Sahib also.Behind him were/are the personalities like Baba Kartar Singh Ji of Bhindran,Baba Virsa Singh Ji,Baba Santa Singh Ji ,Gyani Sant Singh Ji Maskeenamong others.

Das can be termed as from that class of Sikh who support missioanary ideology but with full respect to Bani of Tenth Master and institution of Amrit Sanakar(for das it is conversion to Gurmat).

so no offensce to any one and enjoy.


vd Singh.

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