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Panthic bodies criticise installing "Dasam Granth"

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Panthic bodies criticise Damdami Taksal for installing 'Dasam Granth'

Punjab Newsline Network

Monday, 13 November 2006

CHANDIGARH: The Panthic bodies Monday strongly criticised installation of Dasam Granth by Damdami Taksal as Sikh scripture at Fateh Divas being observed by Damdami Taksal and a section of Sant Samaj.

The convention passed five resolutions, mainly condemning misuse of Dasam Granth and institution of priesthood in Sikhism. The resolution flayed Damdami Taksal and role of Sikh clergy, a press release issued by about twenty Sikh intellectuals and bodies said.

Dr.Harjinder Singh Dilgeer in is key note address said that so called Dasam Granth was not fit to be considered as scripture of a religion whereas its poetry was anti-Sikh in nature. It may be a scripture of a religion whereas its poetry was anti-Sikh in nature. He said that Dasam Granth may be a scripture of the hedonist, pornography or Shakti cults. To install it in a Gurdawara is an insult to Guru Granth Sahib. It is lioke abusing and insulting Guru Gobind Singh to call his book as Guru work it replete with such vulgar and erotic verses.

He claifird that that no Sikh can dare to criticize Nitnem Banis (Jaap Sahib etc) but all rest contents of Dasam Granth are anti-Sikh literature. He sad that this was the handiwork of anti Sikh forces to create confusion among the Sikhs. He said that Shiromani Akali Dal president Parkash Singh Badal and priestly lass are mainly responsible for all the Sikh problems.

Prof.Gurtej Singh read the resolutions and warned the Sikh Panth of dire consequences if the Sikh nation didn’t wake up and reacted in time.

Rajinder Singh Khalsa who presided over the convention said that Jatha Bhindran jMehta Jatha was leading the greatest anti-Sikh movement of the history by joining hands with RSS and other antri-Sikh bodies. He said that Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawala had united the Sikhs for a national goal but the present leadership is destroying the basi institutuions of Sikhs. He said that those who had been lying for 21 years about the martyrdom of Bhindrawala, one can infer what such a

organization could do for the Sikhs.

In other resolutions, the convention said that Dasam Granth has nothing to do with Sikhism, priestly class is the main force behind problems of Sikhs, Jatha Bhindra Mehta plays anti-Sikh role, Jaap Sahiob is not part of Dasam Granth. Another resolution condemnded the alleged attack on certain Sikhs by gumen of Akal Taskht Jasthedar Jginder Singh Vedanti at Faridabad on Sunday.

Prominent among who attended the convention are Satnam Singh Paonta Sahib Chairman Dal Khalsa, Gurvinder Singh Dhanaula Chairman Miri Piri Dal, Mohinder Singh Josh founder Sikh missionary college, Principal Narinder Singh Jammu, Jagmohan Singh Giani, Giani Surjit Singh Delhi, Upkar Singh Faridabad, Bibi Harbans Kaur, Sukhwinder Singh Sabhran, Kirpal Singh Bathinda, Kashmir Singh Mukatsar, Jaspal Singh vice Chairman Dal Khalsa, Jaswinder Singh Khalsa Dubai, Harshinder Singh advocate, Col Nirmal Singh, Col Paramjit Singh and Major Mewa Singh

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