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Something that I wrote and I would like to share with sangat.

Enaan with eyes of fire blinded nous

Axe dripped red outwards sense

Paavit chaste holds shining sword

Against baleful fire no ward

Andoom Apathy Baresark

Burns in fire and laughs

Clernes learning a thousand books

Consumed by his reflection Enaan’s looks

Army of man only a few fight

The rest lie and wait for night

Enaan shakes his matted locks

A thousand look to the heavens in expectation

Heavy foot strikes the ground

A thousand slither in cold despair

Threads of human will Enaan perturbs

Threads of iron they will hold

Thread will break with due tension

Thread break swim opposite direction

Rocks and trees silent watchers

They laugh as man wallows in delusion

Ruby eyes light the path

Wine of avarice man stumbles in dark

The dark path pain ruby eyes promise gain

End of the path no gain only pain

The path travelled determines the end

Hand me the axe

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