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DCS - Desi Culture Shock


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Intro - Talk about being stupid

1. Never liked juggy d’s voice…but 13 year old screaming girls love him…the tracks ok..but should have left him out of the song completely, production was ok I suppose

2.Could have done more to this song..I didn’t feel it was a proper banging bhangra song…while it reminded of the Shava Shava Maaiyah bollocks..don’t ask me why

3. Rab Ne Banaiyan…wedding tune of this summer…its going to rock as a first dance tune…great vocals from Shin and the Guest Female…the production and vocal quality was brilliant

4.Interesting skit…I wonder whats next…“Chimta All The Way”

5.messed the song up…I feel shin was doing all the work and production was lagging…could have least looped a giddah dhol beat through it. It would have sounded a lot better…dhol players are lazy to use there creative side these days

6.*yawns*…u get a S#!tty song in every cd

7. I like this tune…only tune which could be the most danceable or near to a more true bhangra sound, again the dholi could have least added some interesting tirikits…instead of na ghe na ghe na na at a very fast pace in every break before and after the vocals

8.whats shin playing at…makes you want the crack the cd in half its so annoying. its not even funny.

9.Pants…pata nee kala kee bakwass bakda…its just so crap

10.Its not a bad tune….nach lain dai…now they use tirikits in tracks which aint da main ones..lol, what are producers and musicians playing at..

Cd 2..

1 Felt the first tune was ok…just sounds so plain at times…more fill ins needed…the quality of the instruments seems a lower standard than the first cd…lol…but it’s a alright tune

2. I felt the typical dcs vocal range of shin…I like the way its all mixed up…will go down well at functions, and jaswinder narula…shes always been good …I felt the track was good. But the guitars reminded me of the typical vip records sound…lol..*coughs*

3. LOL..funny skit this year so far Ju Know…

4. Yeah man.. good tune…combination of all sounds…but I still think more could have been done with it…instrumentally

5. Stuff that Rupz listen’s to while he’s knitting…LOLOLOLOL…I didn’t like it

6..ooohh an instrumental…its an ok .fill in at weddings heh

7. What was the aim for making this song? Are they such thing as Italian Punjabi’s that are into the flamenco flex? Loll…not my sort of stuff

8. The way he says ipod…IPHAD…what?…you farted? LOL

9. Guitar intro sounds awesome…could have been a great tune if they kept a consistent chaal beat all the way through rather than making it a choppy job…hate it songs like this…spoils the flow…but other than that…it was ok…nothing major

Overall…I don’t think the albums worth a tenner or more…but as a DJ you have no choice…coz of requests etc etc

The way I look at is…Shin put in alot of effort on the vocals on majority of the tracks…its like without him…the albums hardly anything…the musicians were a let down in my opinion…could have made this a very impressive album if they gave shin the right amount of work due ..coz his vocals were very good on this album…if they pulled there jaaraban up… it would have been a much better album

Lol..one thing that made me laugh was…when I looked at the album credits they had like 4 musicians that can play dhol/tabla/dholak…it was stupid…because majority of the tracks had hardly anything special, no tirkits or tihai’s or thora’s or special breathers…it was just simply plain and dull…musicians seemed so lazy in this production it just felt to me there was hardly any heart involved…and I feel that it was only shin with his vocals which carried most of the album through to getting some success.

I’d say its like any other album…1 or 2 good tracks that people might remember for a few months…but nothing major …

I hope the next dcs album has musician’s that want to impress and give a better quality product for the people out there


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