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Key Announcements Made By Sikhs At Freedom Rally

The Sikh Federation (UK) the main organisers of the remembrance march and freedom rally has in the past 12 months been putting together an international Sikh coalition to help deliver justice and freedom for the Sikh Nation. At the Freedom Lobby in Trafalgar Square the Federation made the following three key announcements.

Three key announcements at the Freedom Rally

1984 Justice & Freedom Centre – Establishment of an international centre to increase awareness of the atrocities committed against the Sikhs since 1984 and promote the campaign for Sikh freedom and the creation of an independent sovereign Sikh State. Bhai Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation said: 'We are setting up the centre to take our campaign of raising awareness and our need for freedom to another level'.

Database of Wanted Human Rights Violators - Launch of a comprehensive database of all Indian police officers, army personnel and politicians involved in crimes against humanity, such as the torture and genocide of Sikhs. As Sikhs have been unable to get justice in India this database of wanted human rights violators will be used to make Europe, Canada, USA and other parts of the world no-go areas for what Sikhs regard as 'war criminals'. Bhai Amrik Singh said: 'These torturers must realise Sikhs are putting in place a comprehensive database that will be supported by a coalition of Sikh lawyers that will mean wanted human rights violators will not be able to escape justice when they leave the safety of India".

World Summits to promote the vision of an independent sovereign Sikh State – The first World Summit will be taking place in the UK later this year and will be followed by summits in the USA and Canada. These will discuss different aspects of the international political strategy of the Sikh Nation and will also be linked to progress at international events, such as, the World Sikh Lobby at the United Nations and the Sikh Freedom Lobby in the European Parliament.

Gurjeet Singh

National Press Secretary, Sikh Federation (UK)


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