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we all are under His command, no exception.

If we go with the hukam, we go with the flow-

all is well, all is shub!

If we choose to go against hukam, knowingly or unknowingly

we get punished, we live in misery, we struggle.

From Waheguru's side, all is happening according to His grace

He is so Meharvaan that He made us free to choose His Will or ours!

Imagine, if His will was imposed on us by Him as a bondage.

we will still live in misery because we are not free.

Freedom is our glory, as a human

it is our birthright.

Without freedom , we live a life of animal.

Human conscious is Supreme as compared to animals,plants and rocks.

Blessed are those who illumine their Jote!

Blessed are those who have true desire to wake up!

May this desire be the only desire among all!

Cherdi Kalah always!

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