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  1. 5 hours ago, paapiman said:

    Can you please send me the transliteration code?


    Bhul chuk maaf

    Veer this is the only version i have found so far online of this shabad. 


    But here is a version i have tried making using roman 


    Bole na sake 
    BIR BIR TAKKE  HARGOBIND DE DHAKKe MARYA  sri GURU HAR RAI sahib  ji DA dushman de sir bate  Sadka babbe nanak da

  2. 3 minutes ago, paapiman said:

    Mapping of Gurmukhi letters to English.

    Like, for example S is Sassa, M is Mamma, etc.


    Bhul chuk maaf

    Veer i will look into that as i don't have knowledge  about that. 


    I have found another incomplete version so far in roman but it is not full. So i took a screenshot from facebook and hopefully we can both work on it


  3. 31 minutes ago, HisServant said:

    This has nothing to do with health. Spirituality is on track as well. I beleive it's probably just a personality trait - it may or may not be linked with bhagti. The only thing that concerns me is whether this "no cares given" attitude is dangerous. Sometimes I ask myself, "Should I be worried about finishing school and making money?" "Should I be worried about getting married in the future?" The entire world is racing to be at the top and I just feel myself laying back and relaxing like a spectator. Gurbani says everything is based on karam. So I don't see the point in worrying about anything. 

    Like I said before - the only reason why I question this carefree attitude is because everyone else is stressed out over these things. So it gives me the thought that maybe I'm supposed to be concerened about these things. I don't see their stress as a bad thing because what they're chasing is essential for sukh in tregun, survival and reproduction. And I also think being completely careless about these things shouldn't be an issue (keyword is I think). But at the same time I just want to make sure I'm not throwing myself into something that I'll regret 10 years down the road.

    Veer I understand this type of attitude you mentioned is dangerous and i can see where you are coming from

  4. 10 hours ago, Gursharan Kaur said:

    This is good. 

    I never knew these things also had a lot effect 😅

    Bhen Ji i will tell you a experince i had almost 3 years ago. I was learning my 5 Bani's Nitnem at the time on roman script using audio recordings.

    Anyway so i ate from subway and that day i felt a big change to my routine and concentration. Basically i ended up playing my ps3 that day and had a cold virus cos of it and no nitnem. I felt so shocked and i have never eaten from subway particularly that branch ever again.


    So eating from outside has its side effects. But i usually make sure i have done nitnem before eating outside.

  5. Veer i know how you feel. I myself have felt like i have had a rise and fall during the 10 months due to my health. Trust me i trained myself to do a certain number of bani's but nowdays i will be lucky do even the basic due to all the health problems i have developed in the last 10 months. 


    I myself felt like there is nothing in this world as i missed my nitnem for 10 days due to my newly dignoised of migraine problem. Those days were so hard believe me i can understand how you are feeling

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