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  1. Nah. At most I might give the cat a single leaf, now and then. The guy in the vid seems to be piling it on.......lol
  2. I bought fresh huldhee from a shop. After I've skinned and chopped it into thin strips, this is how I now dry it.
  3. Kale: Purple and green varieties. Not really a fan of this stuff, but heard they are nutritional powerhouses. You can see another type of raised bed here too.
  4. Since the Covid-19 epidemic started multiple studies have repeatedly shown a link to Vitamin D deficiency yet when Matt Hancock was asked about it he WRONGLY said a British study had found the opposite. Is he ignorant or incompetent? Mr Hancock claimed Government experts ran unsuccessful trials of vitamin D But officials since admitted this wasn't true and claim health secretary misspoke MPs and experts today fumed Mr Hancock 'needed to get his facts straight' Experts have for months been calling for ministers to look into vitamin's e
  5. I know Usarna means to build or develop. Maybe usariyo is along the same line. Can you post the word in Gurmukhi?
  6. What about the fact that the kirpan was only 1 of 5 shaster/ashter Guru ji instructed Singhs to keep? Why does that get ignored?
  7. Oh yeah, and one of these is really handy to get rid of any mice/rats that might feed on your crops. The cats not mine, but likes to hang around the garden, she's managed to catch and eat 4 mice/rats in the last few months alone. Badass!
  8. Tomatoes: I started these in spring (3 varieties Piccolos, Baby Plums and Beef) from seeds I got from tomatoes I bought at the supermarket - on the window ledge. Start them in tiny pots and then replant them in bigger ones. Then when they are ready to plant out acclimatise them for a week or two, by taking them out in the day and bringing them back in at night for a week or two. It's important to give them support as they get large and the weight of the growing tomatoes can snap the branches. Super tip! Calcium deficiency (to which they are prone) can lead to blossom
  9. Spinach: I now grow a variety of spinach types. I've found real spinach difficult to grow (because they don't seem to be able to tolerate temperature changes), and have been mainly relying on perpetual spinach and Swiss Chard (which are hardy and can be grown well into the coldest weather). This is how they start (I plant the seeds straight into the ground, you need to leave a lot of space between perpetual varieties as they can grow BIG): Recently someone gave me some desi palak seeds and these are coming up nicely. I used salvaged India stone bricks from a wall I
  10. Chillis: I've a wider variety in the past bust these days I'm just sticking to Cayenne and Jalapeno. These are really easy to grow from seed. I start them in small pots (on the window cill) and put them into bigger wider pots when they have grown and then acclimatise them to the outside weather.
  11. We've talked about it for years. Finally got some pics of crops. I'm going share experiences with growing them here in England too. Runner beans: I started them in small pots on the window ledge and then planted them out when they grew. I made this frame with bamboo sticks as they grow MASSIVE (like Jack in the Beanstalk!) and I can wrap them around the frame to contain their growth. I reckon one plant can easily grow to a 4/5 metres. Here they are a few weeks ago. Note how I had to extend the frame. These red flowers turn into pods.
  12. Ain't read it all yet, but worth checking out. As the article states, people have commented on flaws of the clinical trial's design. Vitamin D supplements 'could keep Covid-19 patients out of intensive care' as study finds hospital patients given 1mg per week had 'significantly reduced' need for life support High doses of supplement were given to 50 patients in hospital with coronavirus Only one (2%) admitted to ICU but all eventually recovered and were discharged In a comparable group not given the medication, 50% went into intensive care https://www.dailymai
  13. The forums been transformative for me. It's been a privilege to be a part of it. N30, I also note how your style of moderation, which was once greatly misunderstood and outright attacked has now been adopted by many others - not trying to suck up to you or anything, but you was ahead of your time. I think the sudden shock of this covid thing has knocked many of us about myself. We'll get back on it.
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