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  1. Sooooooooo glad to see you survived it Paul!! Don't know what I would have done without your humour. Been a fan since I first saw you as a fat kunjar with Russell Peters 20 years ago! lol
  2. I think the 'Panjabification' happened later. If you look at the original Panj Piaray, they weren't all Panjabis. And I think the culture of Sikhi actually transcends 'race'.
  3. I think that it's possible that the persistent failure of authorities to look into grooming gangs is because high ups have probably been compromised by grooming gangs, and the threat of evidence being released makes them cover up.
  4. Although I agree that there may be overlap between the two, I think that the inherent social structure of Sikhi (which most SIkhs don't practice) is pretty unique though. The Khalsa ideal of a spiritual, militaristic, egalitarian society is unique in my opinion.
  5. This looks interesting. Marina Wheeler is Boris Johnson's first wife who has four kids with him. Her mother was from a Sikh background by the looks of it. According to this DM article, she looks like she wants to discover her 'lost heritage'. This is pertinent to me because recently I've been spending time with younger mixed race relatives, and some of the older ones now seem to resent being encouraged to be indifferent to the Sikh side of their heritage when growing up. Ms Wheeler was able to speak to her mother, Dip Singh, about her experiences in India, before she
  6. Saw Borat 2 yesterday. Adult viewing but very informative (and funny). Check it out on Amazon Prime if you can. 

  7. National child abuse inquiry refused to probe Rotherham and Rochdale sex-grooming scandals over fears of looking racist Victim Sammy Woodhouse accused IICSA of burying gang-related sex abuse 'They are trying to bury what happened in Rotherham and Rochdale' she said 'Cowardly' reluctance was shown in its inquiry into mass offending in the towns The national inquiry into child abuse was 'scared of being called racist' and refused to investigate some of Britain's most notorious sex-grooming scandals, it has been revealed. Key witnesses were also barred from
  8. You should read 'Confessions of an economic hitman' by John Perkins. I think most streetwise people have an idea of what goes on behind the scenes.
  9. I just logged in and the same thing is happening.
  10. I see a lovely looking interface-screen (with the sky images) when the browser doesn't seem to automatically remember my password. After I login I get the same old flat blue format. Is this normal?
  11. I agree that the covid issue has become highly politicised and even probably manipulated. My guess is that it was an accidental leak from a Chinese laboratory. Governments have been either caught with their pants down over it - or are manipulating it for various ends. Actually probably a mix of the two?
  12. A fourth attacker, who survived, was sentenced for conspiracy and a fifth man, believed to have been the designated driver, was also jailed. CCTV footage of the attack showed Mr Singh as he 'went all Bruce Lee' as he defended himself, a source told The Times. At a court hearing at Redbridge Magistrates shortly after the attack, it's understood the group of attackers, made up largely of unskilled labourers, had got in a dispute with Mr Singh over a 'outstanding debt'. A family source revealed the falling out was over a business deal. During the attack in Seven Kings, Ilfo
  13. Builder who stabbed three labourers to death as they attacked him in London in row over money will face NO charges because he was acting in self-defence Gurjeet Singh, 30, was cornered as he walked home from Sikh temple in London Baljit Singh, 34, Narinder Singh, 26, and Harinder Kumar, 22, died in Ilford attack Jury cleared Mr Singh of being in possession of offensive weapon in public place https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8849961/Indian-overstayer-person-UK-face-no-charges-self-defence-triple-killing.html
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