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  1. Well, from my understanding Gurmukhi is the text/script that most Sikh writings use. But the actual languages within these texts vary enormously and use lots of vocabulary from languages such as Panjabi, Farsi, Braj Bhasha.
  2. They should do this, but I don't think they are particular keen on innovations right now. I spoke to a quite high ranking Taksali giani a while ago (about Suraj Prakash) and he said that they read it in their curriculum, but I was quite surprised to hear that they read a Panjabi translation, as opposed to the original Braj Bhasha text.
  3. My inbox is full up. Can't you say what you want to say in the open?
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9265495/Mystery-plunge-coronavirus-cases-India-baffles-experts-country-recorded-11m-infections.html Why did COVID fail to take off in India and has now collapsed? Mystery plunge in coronavirus baffles experts At one point India looked as though it might surpass US with highest case toll But now country is reporting 11,000 cases a day, compared to peak of 100,000 Scientists have suggested some areas of India have reached herd immunity or that Indians may have some preexisting protection from the virus
  5. It's confusing: conversations I've had in previous years with people from farming backgrounds led me to think that the fixed prices that are paid to them through the government, were the problem because they weren't able to sell at higher prices elsewhere. Fast forward to now, and these laws that seem to be designed to overcome that are the ones being contested?? I understand that given the 80s onwards, Panjabi farmers (and frankly Sikhs in general) are seriously distrustful of the government (and not without good reason). I think we've had too much of a culture of promoting alcohol
  6. It's a broken system by the looks of it. All the young people I've met from this background in India who've reached the UK generally complain about the current set up in Panjab being impossible. The corruption they describe is jaw dropping. Coming to the UK to become a builder (whilst on a student permit) seems like their only strategy to avoid it, and that is an already heavily saturated market. These problems have been long coming. Started with water diversion in the 80s. The failed 'green revolution' which was basically seems like an experiment with genetically modified seeds, a
  7. @Jageera Look at you lol!!! Pathetic. The people who you hate so much have come to your own people's rescue!! It's poetic. BTW, you're the one who sounds like he's been traumatised by a lundh up his bhund. That's why you see kalah lundhs in your nightmares. lol! I'm glad someone spoke up about the farmers protest. And I think in this case skin colour had a lot to do with it, because Rihanna probably has a good idea of what state oppression is, given what goes on in with blacks and the police in the US. So she identified with perceived oppression upon another communit
  8. That's maybe because you are a deluded hypocrite. All you've done for ages was to sl@g off black people like some closet neo-nazi. It's hilarious to see you make a complete u-turn now. lol
  9. People should note that most people seemed indifferent to the Farmer's agitation, and most media outlets seemed to play it down or ignore it. But when someone prominent finally did speak up - it was a black women (Rihanna). I hope even the most dimmest 'son of a farmer' can now plainly see just how much the nation their forefathers fought for in 2 world wars - really 'supports' them, in their hours of need. Not that they shouldn't have twigged that with how Sikhs were left to fend for themselves against mass murder and rape during partition, despite the help previously given to angrezis.
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