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    Itihaas. Impact of British colonisation on Sikhs/Panjab. How to cook a tasty and healthy meal. Herbal/natural remedies. Dasam Granth. Singh Sabha lehar. The Panjabi language. Sikh art. Historiography.

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  1. I just revisited this work after almost exactly a decade. Roop, this has the potential to be a modern classic in Panjabi literature. This is the perfect level (vocab wise, in my opinion) to target the teenager market. This is where you might want to be to cater for them?
  2. That don't take away from what I'm saying it makes us look like. And bhangra culture isn't as innocuous as that. It has reverberations on the panth.
  3. More than 70 girls A DAY are referred to social services over fears of sexual abuse (and the towns in previous scandals are still hotspots) Almost 27,000 girls under 18 in England affected by sexual abuse in 2019-20 Analysis by The Mail on Sunday shows the highest rate was in Wakefield Figures show areas with higher levels of deprivation have most acute problems Four members of the child sex grooming gang from Rochdale in which one of Britain's worst child sex scandals took place Rotherham, in South Yorkshire, where one of Britain’s worst child sex abuse scandals saw an estimated 1,400 children exploited between 1997 and 2013, has a rate of one in every 757 residents. Stoke has a rate of one in 778. Plymouth, Blackburn and Blackpool also have high levels. The shocking figures, revealed in answer to a parliamentary question from Labour MP Anna McMorrin, show that areas with higher levels of deprivation have the most acute problems with child sex abuse. Maggie Oliver, a former police officer who exposed the child abuse scandal in Rochdale in 2012 that was the subject of the acclaimed BBC drama Three Girls, said: ‘If anything, the problem’s got worse. 'Rape has almost been decriminalised. Just 1.6 per cent of all reported rapes lead to a charge, so 98 in every 100 girls or women who reported doesn’t go to a charge.’ Maggie Oliver, a former police officer who exposed the child abuse scandal in Rochdale in 2012 that was the subject of the acclaimed BBC drama Three Girls, said: ‘If anything, the problem’s got worse' The number of ‘serious safeguarding referrals’ of girls aged under 18 rose from 214,420 in 2018 to 227,910 last year. The cost of child social services across 151 local authorities in England was £7.9 billion in 2017-18. Anntoinette Bramble, chairwoman of the Local Government Association’s Children and Young People Board, called on the Government to increase funding. ‘Child sexual abuse, including child sexual exploitation, is a terrible crime,’ she said. ‘To make sure children and young people get the support and protection they need, it is vital that services are properly funded.’ Last night, a DfE spokesman said: ‘Every child should feel safe and protected, which is why we are investing in the frontline charities directly supporting vulnerable children and providing billions more to councils to help them respond to changing pressures, including for children’s services.’ Figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales show 7.5 per cent of adults aged 18 to 74 suffered sexual abuse before 16, with the majority not telling anyone about their ordeal. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10028487/More-70-girls-DAY-referred-social-services-fears-sexual-abuse.html
  4. It was the majority of desi parent's who were originally not interested in making sure their kids knew Gurmukhi. Apart from rudimentary (and usually very poorly taught) classes in Gurdwaras. They didn't value it over formal education. I had classes for GCSE Panjabi in my school, only a fraction of the Sikh kids in the school attended them (3, including me!), they had the option to chose this at age 14, but they obviously didn't. Now, some other communities were not remotely like this, (Urdu classes were ram packed!) and and you can see how the difference in attitude has led to one group being much closer than their roots than the other. That all being said, I think initiatives like this are exactly what are needed to try and address the apparent apathy. Apnay are more likely to promote this stuff than learning to read Panjabi by the looks of it?
  5. Absolutely. Then, (as people on SS alluded to) we might have to rethink the whole issue of supply of heroin to Panjab. We might be in a sandwich: packets thrown over the border, and supplies actually coming in from the south. If this shipment was just say the first of 5 that had been caught, that still means £8 billion worth of chittah has been flying around.........
  6. People should read the comments section in the article linked at the end, to see just how upset right wing goray are about this. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10007973/Canada-votes-pandemic-election-cost-Trudeau.html
  7. I wonder how much comes over the border to our Panjab? I don't think it is in these types of quantities? Kutchees must be making a killing with this stuff? Enormous three-tonne haul of heroin from Afghanistan worth £2BILLION is seized at Indian port after it arrived via Iran Two Indians were arrested after the heroin was found by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) at Mundra Port in the western Indian state of Gujarat The heroin was kept in two containers marked as carrying talc which originated from Afganistan and was shipped from a port in Iran to Gujarat The shipment of heroin was estimated to be worth 200 billion rupees (£2 billion) Nearly three tonnes of heroin with a street value of £2 billion from Afghanistan have been seized from a western Indian port in a major bust, officials said . Two Indians were arrested after the heroin, which was kept in two containers marked as carrying talc, was found by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) at Mundra Port in the western state of Gujarat, the anti-smuggling government agency said. The consignment - with one container carrying nearly 2,000 kilograms of heroin and another holding nearly 1,000 kilograms - originated from Afghanistan and was shipped from a port in Iran to Gujarat, the DRI said. 'Searches have been conducted in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai, Gandhidham and Mandvi in Gujarat,' the agency said in a statement. It added that the shipment was estimated to be worth 200 billion rupees (£2 billion) and was seized on September 15 after the agency received intelligence they contained narcotics. The investigation also allegedly uncovered the involvement of Afghan nationals, the DRI said, although no one else has been arrested so far. 'Investigation conducted so far has also revealed the involvement of Afghan nationals, who are under investigation,' an official in Gujarat said, declining to be named as he was not authorised to speak publicly. The narcotics were headed to Delhi and the two arrested people had sought an import-export licence based on a house address in Vijayawada, police in Vijayawada said in a statement on Monday. The containers had been declared as containing semi-processed talc stones from Afghanistan and had been shipped from Bandar Abbas Port in Iran to Gujarat Mundra port, the Gujarat official said, adding that forensic tests confirmed the presence of heroin. Afghanistan is the world's biggest producer of heroin, supplying between 80-90 percent of global output. Heroin production has boomed in Afghanistan in recent years, helping fund the Taliban which returned to power in August. But the Islamist militants have said they plan to ban the drug trade, without giving details on how. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10012429/Enormous-three-tonne-haul-heroin-Afghanistan-worth-2BILLION-seized-Indian-port.html
  8. I attached a PDF of Kaldaar in the OP as the original source had become a stub.
  9. Interesting how he talks about his experiences with meditation.
  10. And this: ਪ੍ਰਾਪੇਰਗੰਡਾ I would have gone for: ਪ੍ਰੋਪਾਗੈਂਡਾ
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