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  1. No veer ji sorry i don't have any of the material from this thread. But if you let me know which videos or audio tracks anyone wants or needs let me know so i can put them up on here.
  2. Veer ji you are 100% correct and spot on. We ourselfs have made a mess of our religion by having banis shortned as Sri Rehras Sahib Ji is a very good example as that was censored by none other than our faith leaders. Its really sad the way things have became and state of sikhi today especially at modern day sikh weddings makes me lost for words as its completely against gurmat by all the rubbish visible.
  3. Dass found a katha track mentioning snake dreams and reasons why they can happen
  4. Its worth it veer ji along with haldi turmeric in hot milk
  5. Hanji veer ji some of the points in the video are that its against maryda to have chairs and tables in langar hall as sri guru amar das ji maharaj could have started this but didn't as they wanted all people sangat to sit equally and have langar. Also bringing in shoes has made the langar hall into a restaurant,hotel like atompshere at the gurdwara. The langar hall chairs are designed for people who are either eldery or the disabled but as the bhai sahib says in the video he saw ladies who had dyed their black and were sitting on the chairs when they weren't acting their age.
  6. Credit goes to original uploader https://kam1825.podbean.com/e/the-hidden-bani-from-the-akal-ustat/ In this katha by Giani Sher Singh (Ambala wale) explains the hidden bani from the Akal Ustat 1018_The_hidden_bani_from_the_Akal_Ustatb7af9.mp3
  7. Credit goes to original uploader. The acts of the Radhasoamis In this katha by Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Bhindrawale narrates the acts of the Radhasoamis 1015_The_acts_of_the_Radhasoamis80i0v.mp3
  8. @Jitsingh Gojraveer ji as long as you feeling connected to guru sahib ji maharaj then its all good. Here is a english version pdf of the sikh ardas that i googled for you. Anything you need just send me a private message on here. Ardas_(English).pdf
  9. Good subject you have mentioned as in uk england london i have seen many gurdwaras where they have langar on tables and chairs whilst people are wearing their shoes in the langar hall. It doesn't have the same feeling compared to having langar sitting on floor on carpet with crossed legs. Although if person is not healthy or has health problems then its ok to use chairs table but the shoes are a big no from me. Here is a really good viewpoint i found on the subject mentioned
  10. Veer ji i will answer this topic in more detail later on by using katha tracks of chandi di vaar along with using english transalated texts of all three dasam chandi banis.
  11. Veer ji avoid this guy like the plague at all costs. He is a missionary preacher who are against sri dasam granth sahib ji bani and promote meat eating.
  12. Wjkk wjkf veer ji. Dass usually reads panj banis nitnem banis any time i usually like whether its morning or evening depending on my mood. I do know that sri rehras sahib can be done before 11pm as i heard in katha. There is no limit as dass has had experience with the number of banis to do if you wish to do more than panj banis is fine as its good to make connection with guru sahib ji. In regards to shabad hazare dass has never read it as its usually best to do the paath at amritvela or before 10am i think can be done.
  13. Wjkk wjkf veer ji. First of all i would like to welcome to you to the website as this is your first thread post on here. What you have written is really sad and its horrible that you have had to go through all of this through out your entire life. Send me a private message so you can help open up more on there if you are comfortable with that. As i know what you are going through is terrible. Have you thought getting help from the doctor regarding these issues ?
  14. Veer ji you are 100% correct and spot on as i agree with you as they haven't got even 1% knowledge of our dharam granths nor they read from them is why they lack practical experience.
  15. Excellent thread veer ji. Here is another similar one dass found to the you posted veer ji
  16. Excellent thread and posts my fellow veers @Jageera @Ragmaala on here. I would do the following. 1). Used my time more wisely by learning my nitnem banis at a much younger age. 2). Did more malas simran jaap of waheguru simran and mool mantar. As i do wish i did a lot of simran bani jaap when i visted histrocial gurdwara sahib in india as a teenager looking back now. 3). Wish i had the knowledge and did the bir ras dasam banis when i was around 15/16 as that would have been cool. 4). Wish i had access to more books reading material especially th
  17. Credit goes to the original uploader as dass found this excellent prodcast on sri panth parkash granth in english https://m.soundcloud.com/user-754069420/tracks
  18. Veer ji we should contact our sikh media channels based in the uk midlands. Also contact youtube groups such as nanak naam and basics of sikhi to raise more awareness of this great site. Could distrubute leaflets flyers of the website at gurdwaras,nagar kirtans etc. Also a facebook,instagram page should be made as well or at least think of how and what to post on there etc.
  19. Here is a page that dass found in a book which help most people to do simran
  20. Russian Artist Nicholas Roerich and Sukhmani Sahib | Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji | Sakhi - Sikh History
  21. Very good website veer ji and design. Yes today is the day when the mahaan shaheed bhai udam singh ji took revenge for the tragedy in amritsar punjab.
  22. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh veer ji. I would like to first of all welcome you to the website. You have a lot of kirpa veer ji on what you described from being a mona to becoming a amritdhari sikh. Its really good that you can do this amount of paath and simran. @Sat1176, @Lucky@harsharan000@Ragmaala and many others respected members are the best to answer questions about simran and chakkars as dass hasn't got much experince in this subject.
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