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  1. Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakal! Dear Sadh Sangat Ji, I have a question. Sikhs keep and wear five Kakaars. Those are namely Kangha (a comb), Kachha (underwear), Kes (hair), Kirpan (a sword) and Kara (a bangle). Kangha and Kes are covered with the turban. The pants or pyjamas are worn to cover the Kachha. The sword is also covered and kept in a sheath. Only the Kara is not covered by anything. Why? Please express your expertise. Balbir Singh
  2. Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakal! This is a great query from Savaa Laakh Ji. You wrote "can the sangat tell me the meaning of bhagauti pls? i know its really deep and im hoping for a really deep discussion here....." God's first Wish to become many is Bhagauti. So that everything can take birth it needed a Bhag, the source of origin. The collective origin of all that gives birth is Bhagauti. This is only one character of God's Will. Also, Bhagauti is owned by God. That is why HIS one Name is Bhagwan. Now something is to ask about your statement "i know its really deep and im hoping for a really deep discussion here....." How far have you jumped in? How deep is the source of origin? Please elaborate. Love. Balbir Singh
  3. Satsriakal. Jagdip Singh Ji! Here are few words to each question raised by you. 1. Living with Hukam is accepting God's Will as it comes. Our Gurus agreed with God's Hukam and married the person who was chosen for them by the Supreme. They did not marry someone from a different caste to show the strength of their ego. They married a human being in whom God dwelled Himself. We can ask anybody after his marriage. Why did he not marry anyone else? 2. One, who is spreading God's wisdom namely Simran, may transfer this responsibility to someone who can carry the seva on. He does this in accordance with God's Will. It may be we people who are caring of caste. Perhaps we are not able to get rid of caste system up to now. 3. Every person takes birth on earth with same wisdom of God and same earthy combination of elements. The difference between a dalit and a businessman is the result of an injected and prejudiced system of the society. Our Gurus took birth in a family as God wanted them to be. It looks like that your questions are in reality directed toward God. You have asked those to people on this forum. God answers directly to those whom He chooses. His grace can be recognized that way. 4. You started this question with "I support intercaste marriage because everyone is equal." Where is God's Will in this statement? Once God's Will is recognized your question number four and many others will disappear. 5. Whenever on earth ego and ignorance increases, people's behavior changes. Using extensions with their names is one of the results of this. Only the true knowledge of Simran brings them again on the right path. 6. Where there is claim there is duality. Our Gurus never claimed. Come to know the truth of Simran. You will be astonished how convinced our Gurus were. Also, Truth is neither Hindu nor Muslim or a mixture of those. Our Gurus spread the wisdom of Truth and not Hinduism or Islam nor the mixture of those. 7. Did you ever ask anyone to prove the taste of water and its effects when you were thirsty? Better come to know Truth and enjoy the ecstasy of human life. 8. God is in everyone. God acts in all. All actions are HIS Hukam. Once this Truth is realized, one does not bother what God does. By the way how were you convinced that God does not cry? When God reveals fully, He gives the wisdom behind all His actions. This is a different thing that Guru Gobind Singh Ji accepted the sacrifice of his sons as God's Will and did not cry. 9. I am also of the opinion that true Sikhi will spread when true wisdom of NAM or Simran will spread. Please do not be convinced that Sikhi is bad because many Sikhs do not know real Simran. 10. One, who starts living with God's Will, loose interests in cutting hair. By cutting finger nails one becomes efficient and more creative by using hands. Mere by cutting hair head does not become better efficient and more creative. God loves to enjoy the growth of the consciousness, its efficient use and its creative actions to merge into Truth. Let this question be answered for always. 11. Our Gurus have nowhere recommended or rejected to eat any kind of meat. With Simran and growing consciousness of mind food habits change automatically. Anyone can start Simran. He may be a vegetarian or a meat eater. Poor are those who stick to either way but miss Simran. 12. Our Gurus were talking to Hindus or Muslims. One may find easily that their message was for all. They told that God is in all and everyone is born with the wisdom to realize Him. I assure you that Simran works equally in a Christian also. Also, I have not come to know one Christian who knows the original techniques to realize God. After knowing Simran one forgets his caste and his worldly religion. 13. There is so much written about Truth. Only reading about 'Truth' does not lead one to Truth. This does not prove that all statements about 'Truth' are false. Should we hesitate to accept it that we have not come to know the truth yet. To you question number fourteen, fifteen and sixteen I would say that it is God's Will how a person lives his life. Or should God let us decide this? 17. Anybody can claim that Gurus and their message belong to them. It would help much after they come to know real Simran. 18. Gurudwara is for all. Please watch it carefully. Those are people living within walls who try to block the way for others to reach Guru and God. They have created prison of Maya around them. Please do not be worried. Not one ignorant may stand against God's Will. 19. Guru Gobind Singh Ji has not worshiped Hindu Gods. There is great wisdom behind names Ram, Bhagauti, Siva and other names. This wisdom is only transferred when one receives NAM. This wisdom leads to ONE God. 20. One cannot be misled anymore once Truth is revealed. Everything else is hypocrisy. Can anyone convince you that there is darkness as Sun shines? -------- My personal suggestion is this. Please do not seek truth in a discussion. Forums on Internet are to increase the thirst only. Balbir Singh
  4. Satsriakal. Ram is the name to recognize God. The wisdom of Ram is unknown till it is received as Gurprasad. The wisdom of God and Ram is the same for all human beings. It does not differentiate between a Hindu and a person from any other religion. Also, a Hindu believes in Ram as the Supreme Nirguna Lord. Many Hindus make an idol of Ram and worship him as the supreme Sarguna Lord. A Sikh also believes in Ram as the supreme Nirguna Lord. Sikhs do not make an idol of Ram and worship God in this Sarguna form. One can read about Ram in mythology also. In my view, the myth of Ram is not a mere story. It takes place when spiritual and conscious mind grow. There are very old temples of Ram. But there is no proof available if Ram ever took birth as human being on earth. When a person is born as human being and is called Ram, he dies also. Such a person goes. God remains. Balbir Singh
  5. SSA I am new to this forum. Please tell me how and where to download Chandi di War Katha. Thanks.
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