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Funeral place of Painde Khan

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I don't know whether Painde Khan's funeral was done in accordance to Islamic rites or whether Guru Sahib performed agan sanskar for Painde Khan. Anyone know this?

The place where the funeral was done however is a very unimposing place and very neglected. This is heritage of Panjab but it seemed invisible to people going past it.


This is the actual structure of the funeral place. Could Painde Khan be buried here?




This building is right next to it. As you can see it is a very old building. And Gujjars were grazing their animals there!




And someone has the bright idea of painting on an advertisement there.

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Gurbilas Patshahi 6 says nothing more than Guru Sahib defeating Painde Khan and then shielding him from the sun, whilst Painde Khan begged for forgiveness. I am adding the page for you to read and see if you can pick up anything I may have missed:



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