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  1. No. There is a distinct lack of knowledge of gurmat amongst Sikh preachers from Pakistan/Afghanistan compared to preachers from Panjab. But to be realistic, the Sikhs in these countries, marginal minorities as they are, have been completely neglected by the Panjabi Sikhs. No Sant or Samprdai is interested in these Sikhs.
  2. Kabaddi players take their karas off. I know one kabaadi player who is amritdhari who used to take his kirpan off as well. It's totally up to you. If you feel so bad about it, then don't do it. Personally I wouldn't want to plat any sport against someone who is wearing something that could injure me. Would you be prepared to play that game? Basketball shorts don't have pockets do they?
  3. This was all to do with trade and economy. India wants to compete with China but with india being a strongly agriculturally based economy some proposals were put forward to try and strengthen that sector so India will have more clout. These issues have been going on in India for about 2 decades now, but the truth is that most farmers are not educated enough, or willing enough to make a change yet.
  4. He caught a lot of flack over his non-support for the farmers movement. Since then he has somewhat began to support it half-heartedly.
  5. Good to see @paapiman back.

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      Paapiman! Continue the CP series if you can!

    2. paapiman


      It might be difficult bro. Lets see. Daas needs Gurparsaad.

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      Do an ardas, and you'll get it surely?!?!?

      It'll help so many people, it could be your saving grace. 

  6. So how do they lie down?
  7. I guess that no-one on this site really has much contact with them. @Amarjeet Singh_1737 I think, knows more about the Dal Panths than existing members here. Try sending him a message and see if it generates an alert in his email inbox.
  8. Mostly. Depends on what you're talking about. Growing food, yes. Technology, no. Yes, and that's fine, because English itself, has many germanic, latin, french and even sanskrit words in it. The Panjabis themsleves lol. No-one in Panjab says "Pita Ji" any more more, they say "Father Sahib."
  9. Yes, there is nothing wrong in understanding Dharma throughout the 3 yugs previous to kalyug. I find it very interesting myself.
  10. The Muslims of Malwa went to Pakistan after 1947. Some of the families still hold gifts from the Gurus. If you wanted to try and research further, then you should contact the Nanaksar Thath at Wolverhampton, UK, who arranged a visit by one of these Muslim families from Pakistan to the UK some years ago.
  11. Bollywooder calling the farmers terrorists and worrying about China taking over india.
  12. Bo-Jo messing things up, like he did with with Nazrene's case, ending up with her serving more jail-time:
  13. Listen to this "news" anchor trying to drag Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale into the movement, thereby trying to criminalise the agitation.
  14. Have people been watching the news over the last few weeks about the farmer's agitation in Delhi ? One of the things that has really surprised me is the anti-Sikh vitriol being poured out by indian fascists. From government officials to bollywood wale, they have been claiming that the agitiation is a Khalistani propaganda move, inspired by Pakistan and Sikhs abroad. Only when the Hindu farmers then joined the agitation this has calmed somewhat but there are still people calling the agitators traitors to india etc. I will share some videos here so people can see some of
  15. The only photo I ever saw of Baba Uday Singh was with Avtar Singh Makkar. Havne't seen any others but maybe you should get in touch with Budha Dal hq.
  16. Gyani Manjit Singh Damdami Taksal had completed his katha of Sri Gur Panth Parkash. It is available on gurmatveechar to listen/download. After listening to the whole katha of Sri Gur Panth Parkash over the last year, I felt it should be compulsory katha in Gurdwaras. It is an excellent tool to teach youngster about Sikh history and to develop love and sacrifice for the Panth. http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audio and then follow these folders: audios /Katha /Present Day Katha /Giani Manjit Singh (Damdami Taksal Vidyarthi Sampardai Bhindra) /
  17. Gurfateh to everyone on the forum. Very sorry I haven't been on as much as I should have. Not going to lie, I have just been playing Black Ops Zombies a lot recently. Hopefully in the New Year I will start contributing a lot more. Happy New Year to you all.

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      Sorry to hear that chatanga, hope you recovered fully.

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      Yes Dal thanks. I haven't had any issues after.

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      When you're ready, maybe jump back on that CP thread? Beats sitting around in your kashera playing Space Invaders! lol (joking!!)


      Nephew had it as well, looked really bad at one point, but he pulled through. People gave me a recipe they used for him, I will post it later. 

  18. Watched this video on Afeem, as it pops up now and again in puratan granths: Its a shame that Makhu is the anchor, as he is not very good in presenting.
  19. It looks really good. Apologires for not having visited for some time.
  20. Will do. Regarding Sri CharitroPakhyan Granth series, at the moment it feels like I'm having a conversation with myself. I just have been a little busy lately, and a little demotivated to be honest. Too much agianta flying around on social media.
  21. What or where is SA? Shoes in the langar hall are usually where there are only tables and chairs. I have only seen some ramgarhia gurdwaras in the UK that still only have tables and chairs. Whereas most Gurdwaras have provisions for both.
  22. Sitting on the floor to eat is also a sign of humility. Servants eat on the floor in their masters house. Not on the tables.
  23. Found this today. It's also on Youtube on a very interesting channel with some other gems there as well.
  24. The Sikhs are a strong financial community there but a weak physical community. They do not have the resolve to defend themselves, so are easy targets. I think you are overestimating the capabilities of the Nihangs if you think they can take on any faction of the Afghan militias. Big or small.
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