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  1. The Akal Thakht jathedar has made a proclamation yesterday that it’s the religious duty of Sikhs to protect Kashmiri girls from rape and violence all over India.
  2. Robin rinehard alludes to it briefly in her Dasam Granth analysis along the panchtantra, hitupdesha. I was reading pyara singh padam’a analysis of CP yesterday and he is the first author I’ve seen who says some of the charitars have their basis in the Arabian nights (as we’ve discussed here on the forum years ago). He doesn’t mention which charitars unfortunately.
  3. Thank you very much for sharing these on the forum.
  4. True. It seems so embedded within many Sikhs in the west to use western concepts that one rarely thinks about the long term damage. Basics of Sikhi is quite keen to introduce Sikh vocabulary to the English language such that people stop saying Sikh temple, free food institution, baptism, holy book, ceremonial dagger and whatever else is used. Words create reality, and language is power
  5. Thanks for sharing this article. To reflect upon and try to understand the word dharma is a key aspect of implementing sikhi as it provides you a natural role in the world surrounding us. Dharma is that which grounds us.
  6. Also It’s a puzzling charitar since it doesn’t contain much of a plot. Maybe the purpose is different here. In general there haven’t been that many charitars on or references to Brahmins so far. Even though the frame story has a Brahmin involved (Hunuwant’s teacher). Maybe it’s slowly by slowly alerting the king to be conscious of the teacher. Let’s see if there is a greater presence of Brahmins onwards, this might get really interesting.
  7. Deen also means poor/downtrodden in Sanskrit. You see a lot of hindu braj Bhasha poets playing with that word when describing the Mughal-Maratha wars ie. Shivaji was fighting for deen (downtrodden Hindus) by destroying deen (Islamic religion).
  8. Has any serious study been made of this Granth - year of Origin, authorship etc.
  9. Good find Chatanga. A new book has been published on the history of Afghan Sikhs and Hindus, maybe it contains some info also. I’ve recieved my copy and will post if there is any interesting info from Afghan sources on their rule over Afghan sikhs in Pashto areas and Punjab. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Afghan-Hindus-Sikhs-Inderjeet-Singh/dp/9385854380
  10. Let’s see- is your silence due to there not being any evidence ?
  11. A bond man is a slave, not an employee. But fair enough keep justifying slavery all you want.
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