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  1. Pralad was the son of a Rakshas called Hiranyakashipu. Pralad was a Vishnu Bhagt (Bhagt of Lord Narayan) and refused to worship his father. It was for this reason that his father wanted him to be killed. The many attempts which were carried out to have Pralad killed were unsuccessful and his father was in the end killed to save Pralad, by Vishnu avatara, Narsimha. Pralad was known as the 'Saintly child', however it is not to my knowledge definitive as to whether or not Pralad became a Brahim. The story of Pralad is mentioned in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.
  2. The Veda's were written by Ved Vyasa. The Veda's, Puran's and Upanishadh's are the the sacred texts for followers of Sanathan Dharam.
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