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  1. Are these genuine quotes from Hindu sources on the origin of jatts http://www.jatland.com/home/Jats_in_Indian_epics

  2. I think without me doing enough research into it, the pro-vegetarian shabads are human right, women rights, animal rights and eco environmental right shabads and on other virtues like honest and integrity instead. As per hunting there are different reasons, such as violent animals attacking innocent people Lions, Tigers, bears, killing innocent villagers, innocent children being eaten alive by wild beasts and attacking Sikhs. For game meat since other more suitable humbler foods were not at easy to get (which is an animal right issue more so), as well as sakhis of people being liberated,
  3. any ideas? OCR for Punjabi trained data files using tesseract library perhaps done in c#

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  4. Some Sikh schools have a rule after a particular age like 12 a Sikh child who keeps their joora can't wear a patka but must wear a turban. Some state schools enforce a similar rule even hindu teachers enforce turbans for Sikh children who become teenagers as a part of their uniform. The moderate Sikh maharajas themselves would only allow people wearing turbans enter their courts including non-believers of Baba Nanak had to wear turbans in the durbars of khalsa sarkar.
  5. Laxmi surely it can't say that because Sikhs aren't Hindus, never forget 1984
  6. your website ya man muhammads ghost help us has nothing about sikhi you have to show us abit more on depth where our Guru spoke about Mo's ghost?
  7. Usually when muhammden women run away people don't announce it or make web pages, people stay humble so more of them can run away
  8. It's prohibited besides we see muslims praying to the dead in india anyway. Some sikhs have fallen for muhammden propoganda that some dead muhammaden will grant them health or other worldly stuff, all of Mo's powers are backwash compared to the power of bacon.
  9. I have uploaded the Gian Ratnawali Bhai Mani Singh Guru Nanak Janmasakhi uploaded please see below: http://www.scribd.com/doc/209844046/Guru-Nanak-Janamsakhi-Bhai-Mani-Singh-Gian-Ratnawali-Gyan-Ratnavali-in-Gurmukhi-Punjabi
  10. Simple to reconcile that pedophilla is an invention of the west in the last 100 years (ignoring the science behind the advances it underlining the problem of it), justify it with skewed history of people young but not as relatively young marrying. Which as an argument goes to then show that muhammdenism is an outdated religion which didn't stand the test of time till the end of times as it claims, and muhammad isn't perfect so it's claims are all bogus. Explain freedom of speech doesn't exist hence capital punishment is justifiable, explain how torture is a great deterrent for crime (while s
  11. If no one can judge islam then how did you judge it to be the best religion and how did you judge it to mean peace?
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