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  1. Are these genuine quotes from Hindu sources on the origin of jatts http://www.jatland.com/home/Jats_in_Indian_epics

  2. After several tries it appears punjab (pan) wouldn't appear to function correctly in OCR which lead me to think there were issues in the original tesseract ocr engine as it would appear with other indic languages such as devangari/hindi, people developed various technical work arounds. However for a proper work around it would seem Tesseract the main engine are about to release their next version which includes test data for punjabi so it would be a matter of time before introducing the next interface which would display better functionality. v3.0.4 https://github.com/tesseract-ocr/ https://github.com/tesseract-ocr/langdata/tree/master/pan
  3. At the moment there appears to be the following error from Tesseract for trying to train sentences APPLY_BOXES: boxfile line 18970/Ó¿ª ((2265,1626),(2273,1632)): FAILURE! Couldn't find a matching blob FAIL! APPLY_BOXES: boxfile line 19001/ ((170,1603),(175,1611)): FAILURE! Couldn't f ind a matching blob FAIL! APPLY_BOXES: boxfile line 19047/Ó¿╣ ((505,1603),(511,1609)): FAILURE! Couldn't f ind a matching blob FAIL! APPLY_BOXES: boxfile line 19064/- ((650,1606),(652,1607)): FAILURE! Couldn't fin d a matching blob APPLY_BOXES: Boxes read from boxfile: 19070 Boxes failed resegmentation: 1029 APPLY_BOXES: Unlabelled word at :Bounding box=(1972,1876)->(1975,1879) Found 18041 good blobs. Leaving 23 unlabelled blobs in 0 words. 1 remaining unlabelled words deleted. TRAINING ... Font name = raavi Generated training data for 295 words
  4. http://www.sikhawareness.com/uploads/monthly_02_2015/post-10552-0-42647600-1423234747.jpg I wonder if it says something else after Nanak, since there is concatenation [...nanakdasranjit...] taking place "Nanak dasran jit" - but it's more likely ranjit, I wonder if ranjit here is a name, instrument, or the meaning behind it of victor of the battlefield. nanakdasranjitabi ?charo | eiochrkrbhan Is the yellow ink medieval tipex(correctional fluid) or damage that has been caused accidentally, from some reaction (ink, paper, time) or possibly intentional damage.
  5. Which photo no./link you see that in? The content of the second book seemed to look like a janamsakhi, the first book from it's date may be one, also I have seen an almost identical manuscript i.e. janamsakhi which had similar binding, size, handwriting style-size, shape, stroke, ink colour, similar pages kept in the British Library
  6. http://imgur.com/E86R2ts This one mentions "Nanak" several times in the body of the text, Baba Nanak a couple. Baba Nanak speaking to a pandha (pandit) (guesses could be Pandit Hardyal or Pandit Gopal). Could be wrong... so with the usual tons of mistakes this is what I can see at the moment (taking out the concatenation requires a good vocabulary before hand as well and some of the words aren't in use in modern Punjabi). 2nd line onwards dhajee Nanak noprou | maitaegeebahuvsaevakarg| ta padhae kahiaa bhlajeetb padha epteelikhidi tee || ta Sri Guru Nanak ji eikadeenprad(?)jaedin chupkarirhae | tapadhaekahia Nanak ji radaki ounhee | ta Guru Nanak Ji kahiaa padh ji toopaji aahaijrmainoopraavdahae | ta padhae kahiaa jeemaes bhooakaechpariaah | smakharcholaekhapdeeaapree sabhoaemainoaavdahai || ta Sri Guru Baba Nanak ji kahi [then Sri Guru Baba Nanak ji said] aaeaenepreegaeifahaepoudaehainia || dharmraeidae thadhajadahaieaehuprnabadhai | ta Sri Guru Ji ou jobfeikasigiraagvichikahiaa || jalimohughasimsrkarimatikagafarisar bhaouklmkaguchivlaekhagigrrpachlikhrvee chag | likhrnmsal ? likhrlikhrantrnpacha
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