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  1. You said once on your post that you linked Sri Gur Katha but I can't find it, can you send it here? 

    I would like to read the gurmukhi version.

    1. dalsingh101


      I haven't found the Gurmukhi version myself, I had an English translation. That being said, even the Gurmukhi is purportedly a translation/transcription(?) of some now apparently lost Bhattachari original. We are talking about the text that is commonly associated with Bhai Jaita Singh aren't we?  

  2. Gur pur parkash from what I know is a compilations of different granth and one of the granths utilized by the Kavi sant ren prem singh is Baba Binod Singh's granth.
  3. Isn't an compilation of the others khojan done by Kavi including the granth written by Baba Binod Singh ji
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