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  1. If anything in this life is certain; if history has taught us anything, it's that you can kill anyone. Michael Corleone, The Godfather This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time! Tyler Durden, Fight Club Nothing is final until you are dead, and even then I'm sure god negotiates. Anjelica Houston, Ever After "Hey hey hey, what's for dinner?" "Rimmer's dad just died!!" "Well I'd prefer chicken..." Red Dwarf "Like a midget in a urinal, I was going to have to stay on my toes." Naked Gun 33 1/3 "Orders? You're giving me orders
  2. "form is temporary, class is permanent" - referring to Liverpool fc 1 - 0 win over ac milan in champions league final
  3. singh hows it goin!! me and satty were chattin about u 2day and where u had dissappeared to!! satty saw sunny singh at mandeep singh's wedding, brought back memories of the imperial days!!! that imperial gym was a wicked gym, and u and saty were inspirational - singh bodybuilders!! u not doin as much of it now though r u? if u are we should meet up 1 day 2 train!! singh, i know ure blatently in next level bhakti mode, please share some of it!! thanks 4 the websites will defo check them out!! but not trainin at the moment, up in nottingham uni doin coursework, all alone in the ho
  4. thanks bro!!! when i got in2 training i was listening to the wrong people, they had bad technique and a bad attitude to training (i wanna lift more than him)..after a while with no gains i reassessed my training and nutrition and sleep...started reading alot more magazines (although following those juiced up routines can be counterproductive!!!) and defo more internet sites...what i deduced was that im small and need to gain mass..so i made sure i benched, deadlifted and squatted really heavy, but with good form..these exercises are the what i call real "sikh" exercises..its all about brute st
  5. thanks bro!! good inspiration!!! u sound alot like a good friend of mine from derby? im startin cardio this week, 13.5 stone ripped would be good, but is goal thats gonna take alot of time to achieve!!!
  6. u've got a point there rakash singh, its all about having low body fat and moderate body weight whilst still pushing more on the compund exercises then the "big boys" went to gp 4 health check..i weighed 98kg (15.5 stone) at 5 ft 9..i should be weighing around 70ish kg for my height...(i was weighing 10.5 stone before training) obviously theres some body fat, but hopefully not 20kj worth!!.. on my good days (proper gym, good nutrition and no uni stress) i can deadlift 200kg, squat 180kg, bench 122kg (all for 3 reps).. i need to get the bench up, but uve diam
  7. sorry,i don't understand?!!! is that a saying or something?!!!!
  8. ghost!! its true, my legs got toooo big from squatting, i think my pent was gonna rip when bowed down infront of Guru Granth Sahib ji, only train legs once every 3 weeks now....but by the looks of it u need to get back into ure hockey bro!! that tids commin out!! infernal monk!! i love talkin bout training, such a wicked feelin!! wish every gurudwara has gym, its the one thing that unites all the singhs: training and football!! geezer, 10 % body-fat is low, u remind me of a friend of mine, he's also cutting, gets up in the morning for a 5 mile jog, the guys absolout
  9. no singh....amritpal is MASSIVE!!! anyway no point me being massive if i cant get out off simple hand-locks u done to me once!!
  10. oh ghost no bowing, i have to follow my own advice, im such a skinny shite!! my nutrition is really bad, lately jus been eating twice a day - no appetite with a flu!! and sooo much coursework to do.....not enuf sleep!!!!
  11. sorry i didn't mean to say majot (sounds rude!!) i mean major
  12. Ghost!! bro, its all about changing ure life-style a bit to get the best out of training...to get the best out of ure body u gotta train (20%), eat (40%) and recuperate(40%)... Training, like infernal monk says, its all about the 3 majot mass-building lifts, bench, squat, deadlift...people complain they don't get big, but thats probably because they don't squat and deadlift!! if ure beggining keep to the basics , keep to mass building (not that pansy shaping - can be done latter!), low number of sets (3) per exercise and low reps (8, 6, 4, although on the last exercise u s
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