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  1. The soul does not experience suffering per say. It is the Jiva (Soul + Mind) which enters the flesh. Suffering when it is spoke about the child in the womb is not suffering because it is in the womb. The Suffering is a response to taking birth into Maya which in its nature is the cause of Karmic suffering. The Karmic account must be settles so this Jiva has taken birth into this Suffering world and the process through which it must come into this world is also taken into this journey and spoken as suffering. The protection that the Guru speaks of refers to the innocence of the child i
  2. This method may work, but only under the proper and strict guidance of a true living Master. It cannot be practiced from hearsay or books.
  3. I think first we should look at the meaning of Simran. Simran, derived from the word Simurn means to remember. Driving home today I will remember my co-worker, not by reciting his/her name, but simply because I had a direct experience with that person. I will not need to say Ben Ben Ben Ben to remember him. How can I, this Jiva, do Simran of that Naam for which I have no experience of?
  4. This is a very good question. I've wondered about this myself more than few times. To think how long these Yug's really are and to think that I, this Jiva, never in those thousands and thousands of years came across a True Guru to liberate me......until this lifetime. OR perhaps I did, but never follow through with the Guru's Word!! Such ignorance and lack of self-motivation! To think I still suffer from the same vices that I have been dealing with all the countless past lives. I'm not even sure if its worth it anymore to take anything that happens in this life seriously...I mean, how
  5. I don't disagree with you there veer, but I don't think there is fear in the words of the OP. My comment was coming from the point of view that often times our mind has an itch to scratch and we scratch it with asking questions that are floater. By floaters I mean questions that don't invoke a deep response, but are simply scratching an itch on the surface that does next to nothing on this Adhiatmic journey. ie: tea leafs. Just to be clear, I'm not against asking questions, but I am simply trying to provoke a deeper question than what Tea Leafs to use.
  6. If the world is still a priority within the mind of the Searcher, then your search will be futile. We project outwards to the existence exactly what is within us and we attract ourselves towards that. If this searcher has lit the flame of Vairaag within, then you are ready, your heart is prepared for the seed to be sown and the One who has the capacity to show you, will find you. It is not simply searching out there, but searching out there with urgency and Vairaag.
  7. If a Guru is the sole necessity then why is a title of being called a Sikh etc a requirement for you? I feel the Guru's have built a ground where one can nurture their bhagti and if the intuitive voice comes calling to divert to other Samparda's, then I don't see why it has to be debated or questioned. If the inquiry here is about a road-map of where to go and how to get there, then you have a huge burden on your head as the directions will change depending on who you ask. The Bhagtas say, "I don't know where you are at, but you know exactly where I am at, so you come find me".
  8. So wait...Are you (Balbir Singh) Advocating that God is Lustful or Are you curious why God is Lustful?
  9. Why does curiosity gives rise to inquiry about Rules and Regulation and not and inquiry of Love?
  10. I believe Bhagat Kabir ji here is referring to the worldly attachment of the Baaman and they serving to the common man's worldly desire, instead of leading the common man to liberation from this world, the World (maya) becomes the Guru as it provides them of status of being a baaman and their ego is praised by the common man. But for a Bhagat, the Guru is he is not engrossed in the World (Maya).
  11. Is there no alternative product which can give you the same result from wine? If not, then are these nutrients for you body absolutely necessary, that you won't be able to do with out them? If you can't do without them, then how important/significant is your activity that is requiring this wine in your life?
  12. Jesus said, even with the thought of beding another's wife, you have already sinned. (i'm parapharsing).How does the thought of doing an immoral act differ from the actual act. If such is the case and the words of Jesus are indeed his words and are divine, then we Sin every moment we get angry, fill ourselves w/ lust for another woman or get greedy for anothers possesions. The thought proceeding the act is equal to the act? The origin of Sin, the seed of the Sin has already been planted, the fruit is the action. Are our thoughts registered in the book of our karmic debt? I think the poi
  13. that is a really heavy documentary. I was being pulled in and out by it.. maybe because it was lunch time and i was hungry. overall i liked it.
  14. Try waking up about an hour earlier than you currently do. Most often you experience these things after your normal sleep cycle has completed.
  15. You cannot avoid this wave of emotions, all you can hope for is that you are able to ride it out. The emotional attachment that occurs between 2 married couples has its purpose, to build a bond that will last through their life together. But when this bond become a prison and not a medium to build a relationship the down-spiral begins. Like the Moh of a mother must also transform into Love which free the child when he grows up. Similarly this emotional bond must also migrate into the realm of unconditional Love for one another. If both individuals understand the importance of Love and ho
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