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  1. Jesus said, even with the thought of beding another's wife, you have already sinned. (i'm parapharsing).How does the thought of doing an immoral act differ from the actual act. If such is the case and the words of Jesus are indeed his words and are divine, then we Sin every moment we get angry, fill ourselves w/ lust for another woman or get greedy for anothers possesions. The thought proceeding the act is equal to the act? The origin of Sin, the seed of the Sin has already been planted, the fruit is the action. Are our thoughts registered in the book of our karmic debt? I think the poi
  2. I think you have misunderstood the act of prayer gravely. Prarthna for others does not weaken you, rather when you open yourself to the pain of someone else you invoke compassion in your heart which not only benefits the one for whom the prayer is for but it nurtures your heart into become more sensitive. You gain strength in the form of this sensitivity not lose it. NEO: its means In My Humble Opinion
  3. Then by all means please define them for this discussion.
  4. Vaho Vaho Gobind Singh, Aaapy Gur (,) Chela (he) is both the Desciple and the Divine Concsiousness. When there is noting other than God, then he himself becomes the desciple, he himself is the begger, he himself is the King, he himself is the Guru. An Enlightened Master expresses this exact paradoxical leela, this play of the Divine Dance where the Master himself will express Vairaaag and he himself will express from a Divine Standpoint. He has realized that he is everything so it is so that Guru Nanak dev ji expressed Humility and prayer throughout their expressions from a Sevak's poin
  5. intersting ... so is Giras the same as when a muj/buffalo regurgitate its food and chews it again in its mouth?? isn't that called giras as well? sorry i might be totally off on this?
  6. holy moly, i heard about this as well....good thing to bring up neo....btw Kam1825...do post picture of it if you can Please . I would love to read it.
  7. now that is an impressive argument, i'll have to come back to it as im quite busy with work and i'll be out this weekend. We will continue this discussion next week. but i'll just add few things. You open the Guru Granth Sahib and you begin to read, WHY? Curiosity? Interest? Questions? The first words declare his Existance and it is enough for those who only needed a Spark to ignite the Flame. For those who did not even see the spark will read further and the sparks will continue to build. Personal opinion, i don't think you are asked to belive in God, rather you are asked to seek
  8. it sounds like santa exists only if you get presents and If you don't get what you desire he doesn't exist.
  9. Why not? If it won't help you then get off of your lazy ass and do something about your insecurity, your lack of trust and faith instead of sulking in the state. Then do not eeking the solution in words, seek it in experience. If you so lack faith then seek the one who has found him, spend some energy in seeking, spend some energy in praying in TOTALITY with 100% surrender, don't hold back. If it hurts you so much that you have lost something, then SEEK IT. If you have become insensative to such inspiration of words, then you need someone to whip you out of your slumber. This whipping mu
  10. " HE AND ONLY HE IS THE TRUE LORD. HE IS TRUTH -- SATNAM. HE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE. THOUGH ALL VANISH HIS REALITY WILL NEVER LEAVE. HE CREATED MAYA -- THINGS OF VARIOUS COLORS AND EMOTIONS AND DISPOSITIONS. HE CREATES ALL THINGS AND WATCHING OVER THEM, HE ALSO GIVES THEM GREATNESS. What a wonderful thing Nanak has said. He says God makes the creation, and having made it, He looks at it, just as a painter paints a picture, then steps back a little to view his work. He observes it closely, he steps to the right and looks, steps to the left and looks again. Then he views it from a distance,
  11. First of all veer there is no need to get defensive. No one is here to take you views away from you. You can hold on to them as tightly as you want. This is a 'Discussion' where personal views or interepetations are present and then perhaps questioned by others in order to be refuted or clarified by the one who said it. If you don't feel the need to explain something that doesn't make sense to others, then what is the purpose of writing it in the first place. Atleast that is how i see a discussion, perhaps you might see it differently. well neways. Let us start over and you can clar
  12. I do not mean to intrude here, but i do have a question. You said that the Guru is not talking about Krishna, then you agree that Krishna and Waheguru are the same. So then what exactly seem to be the problem when speaking of Krishna synonymously as spkeaing of Nirankaar?
  13. what helps me is your torso should be about an inch higher than your crossed legs. In other words sit on a small seat that only covers your bum, and your legs should remain on the floor so your torse is higher than your legs. EDIT: i just read u use Padmasan, i don't think this will work with that, so if you decide to go regular choankree, then im sure this will work you sit for longer period of time. As Heydudewassup would say, Do Yoga before you sit down. So heydude....how about you give us some techniques?
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