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  1. satjug = vasdev, --- VA duaparyug = harikrishan --- Ha (he) treta = Ram --- Ra (ru) Kalyug = gobind --- (Gu) what do these words mean? i know that gobind means our tenth master obviously, ram as in the hindu god also like harikrishan. but what do the other words mean?
  2. ssa 1stly men and women are supose to be equal. why can women wear earing and not men?. i was askin my granddad about this and he said it dosnt say nothing at all anywhere bout people wearing earings. and i remember seeing people from punjab with tatoos of the ek on kar symbol on there hands. we've all seen them havent we so are tatoos wrong? and bout the kanda tatoos i think this is more like a fashion item! there is no actual respect for the kanda. hope this aint offended any1.
  3. sat siri akal ji to all i think also we need to educate the girls more about how to stay away from suleh. i mean i never used to really care when my mates used to say bloody suleh taking our girl until it hapened in my own family. so we need to teach them a thing or to. even if they do turn around and say "its my life ", or " leave me alone", or"i'll get u battered by my boyfriend"( a sula bf). this is a big issue as converting does happen.it make me sick that our penjiah (sisters) are so gulable to beleave everything these suleh say. i dont wanna sound harsh but alot of dem all jus wanna b
  4. thats wicked news man. i am pround of my faith but thats top news
  5. sat siri akal ji thats was wicked! top story!
  6. http://www.shastarvidiya.org/ (wrote it the other day but not there at present for sum reason. if it was deleted can i ask why????) Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke fateh!
  7. stat siri akal N30 Singh veer ji, thanks a lot for that cant wait till when the site has updated. is the sarbloh granth a part of the dasum granth or is that seperate. any translations for that or not? thank you
  8. sat siri akal thanks for that. but why dont all gudwara have them as they are very important scriptures. most of us dont know not 1 thing about them. we shud know more shudnt we? is there a site which gives us the translation to english for us? thanks for takin time out to read this
  9. sat siri akal ji to all please cud u give me more information on the other two holy scriptures. dhasum granth, and sarbloh granth( if thats what you refer them to as). i just was interested in this as no one ever talks bouts these scriptures. i dont kno anything about them but just know that they exist. who are they written from etc? is there a english transluation for them? do all gurdwaras have them? thank you very much
  10. sat siri akal ji to all, i was just wondering on 1 of the Siri Guru Gobind Singh Jis hukams. in the 47th one it says: 47)Sikhi kesaa-suaasa sang nibhaaouni - Live as a Keshadhari Sikh. i always thought it that Siri Guru Gobind Singh Ji said he wants his sikhs to live as keshadhari and shastardhari sikhs? i am unsure so cud u please inform me on what is right or wrong? thanks. also i do not understand line 45: 45)Putari da dhan bikh jananaa - Recognize the property of a daughter as poison? why is this? thank you.
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