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    Macromedia Flash 6 MX, Microsoft FrontPage, FoxPro, HTML, incorporating modification in phpBB etc.

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  1. Not possible, when you upload it on the AOL server... there is no way out but for some bucks you could ask the AOL to remove the advertisement... I am sure they would not be charging too much for removing the ads...
  2. Very interesting topic... looking forward to it...
  3. Neo, who is Master Teja Singh Ji ? Please put some light on his profile... thanx
  4. Wait! Wait!! Wait!!! Take it easy !!! I am not asking about the dreaded outfit... I am asking about the new rage in the IT market... RSS feed... What the heck is all about...? How it is useful if I implement it on my website...
  5. Sorry for interrupting.... but I know what you are comtemplating guv... ... anyways please continue with discussion...
  6. Lalleshvari Penji, You are a teacher but then Can you be ever positive in your any posts... they are always too depressing...
  7. :lol: Primitive !!! Indeed !!! :lol:
  8. well man you may be right... but only <div> tag solved my same problem... I tried it table tag too but it was not working... Rest you are an expert ji...
  9. Older Browsers !!! LOL... How many of you people nowadays using "older browsers"... I wonder... I still think "Div" tag is the best option...
  10. And one thing more, You have to apply that TAG option of <div> to each and every page of your website... Nice collection of Photos... Chardi Kalaa...
  11. Very easy dear Akhilesh... Ok here is what you have to do... And you are done !!! Cheers !!! There can be further problem with your page tilting towards left and that is your Aol Voicemail... Tell Me more... logo... towards top right hand side of the page... that logo thingy has to move from there, you can put it towards the bottom of your page... You can try the first option and if the problem still persists, we can take further action to shift that AOL logo some where else on the page... Regards
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