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  1. fateh can anyone please tell me which dvd menu creator is the best yet simplest one to use? please provide link and ahem serial :wink: thanx
  2. Rome Total War was given as a example... not everyone likes strategy games.
  3. chhinderpalsingh i no wat you mean mate.... its an endless search.... come on people help us find more and MORE!!!!
  4. chhinderpalsingh bad ass avtar pic bruv.... the sound that these instruments produce is jus bloody amazing... i could never get enough.. heres a bad ass site full of them http://sarangi.info/sarangi1
  5. associated with any group (sect, Dal or Jatha)??? i keep that info gupt... as in todays society people judge you for which ever path one follows jungee yeah i got tons more books man, this was jus a warm up, i got much more better art work. and thanx for ur words and naw man i dont take anythign to the heart, and creating my own style is hard man....well see wat happens mloco share some of ur art work man
  6. fateh the sketch and coloring was done using corel painter and photoshop and of corse my wacom tablet
  7. fateh ive got my website, jus workin on layout, i created much better art work then this, this was jus sumthign i did to see wat others think, the reason why i cant show more work is cos you know how apne folks are, they'll take the art work and use it to promote there own shit humm i wasn hoping for more responses :? thanx for your feedback
  8. Fateh jus wanna know wat you geeza's think of my drawing click image for larger version http://img386.imageshack.us/img386/1338/demonslayer9qo.th.jpg' alt='demonslayer9qo.th.jpg'>
  9. About time man ...bloody hell :cry: anyway timeless... thanx bruv
  10. fateh, I once saw a mid-aged indian women playin the sarangi at a concert on tv in march of this year, but they never said her name, so any one know who she is? i think shes in her late 40's/50's
  11. hummmm it wasnt as good as the first one u posted, you any that have the sarangi sumthing that sound errie and scary kinda sad type of instrumental, :twisted: come on people, i need the NEED TO FEED!!! well not really but u get meh :wink:
  12. indo canadains are sooo stupid its unbelievable, they watch one gangsta video and think its there life, here in surrey everyone thinks there a gangsta, man life here sucks with them, i say deport every single last one, sorry if it sounds rude, but its the truth man
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