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Vahegurus Beautiful Ways... the Lord never forgets you

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I am posting an extract from an e-mail communication sent to my wife from her work/study colleague yesterday.

I am lucky to see Vaheguru's love reaching out quite often in the most wonderful, incomprehensible ways, these little stories in our life truely increase our pyaar for the infinite and strengthen our dharam...

"I wanted to share with you my last assessment. I am working with a 72 year old Sikh man from East London. He was referred for depression, and in speaking with him he couldn't seem to make sense of what it was that he said he felt was missing from his life after his wife developed dementia. So we did some more talking and I was reminded of something you said to me at a conference in the first year about sangat (sorry about spelling if it's wrong). We ended up spending the next 2 sessions talking about sangat, congregation and his feelings of isolation from his past and his people. It was a real moment for him (and for me) when I gave (reminded) him a word for the cause of his depression, and a word that he understood from his first language and the culture of most influence in his life. He has joined a punjabi centre and seems to be doing well in his mood and enjoyment of life - without the need for CBT or antidepressants.

So thank you for that, I am still learning from you even though you ain't botherin' with uni no more ;op"

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