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  1. "I would go as far to say that one can't be a good warrior in the battfield without bhagti, the two go hand in hand." Don't confuse being a good person with being a good warrior. History is replete with unsavoury characters who were fearless and victorious on the battlefield. It's not the outcome that matters, but the reason. Shaheedi is what inspires future generations, it is this that is the real victory. Being heavily involved in martial arts, I can confidently say that the most fearsome, brave and skilled Masters I have met.... are from Bhagats...!
  2. "Personally I find questions of religious identity interesting but of limited relevance. That supreme Braham is singular and has always been a truth that has existed and has been realised as per Gurbani". :-)
  3. Pir Sahib will not share the diary at present - his view is that Sikhs are not read for it/in a state to appreciate it. Amardeep has made some good points and Bhen Harjas and Veer MJ - excellent posts. SDP - the beautiful hukumnama you posted which you did ardaas for is absolutely amazing - all your questions are answered within. Namely - being less concerned with rituals (namaaz) and more concerned with finding Sadhu Sangat (which is no easy task by any means - with the massive number of fakes out there today). Your sad experience with Sikhs is not so uncommon - this is the most c
  4. Only 5 read my post - 'sehaj'. We are to become master of our desires, not the other way around which is the case with most of us. Once we become masters of our desires, through gurmat, we use them in sehaj and in purity. Sexuality/desire are not paap in themselves, it's the context in which they are sold/seen/utilised that is corrupted/polluted. It's when these desires control our lives, hence replace God, that they become demons. This is exactly what Guru Gobind Singh educated us about in Charitripakhyan.
  5. SDP, You need to calm down, you are way over analysing. Sikhs are instructed to live in 'Sehaj'. This applies to all aspects of life. Every action can be done in a pure or polluted way, including sexual relations. God has created this desire between man and woman in order to bring them closer, tighten their relationship, procreate... in Indian culture a child is known as 'pyaar ki nishaani', not kaam/paap ki nishaani. Obviously this was when we lived in a more respectful/wise age. I'm not sure why you are even bothering with the notion of Satan. Even mystical elements of Islam/Ch
  6. It's common knowledge to those who read/take tution n Dasam Bani that it is made up of 3 elements - Spiritual, War Orientated and Secular. Dasmesh Pita has provided a complete education for his sons (Singhs).
  7. Mithar is correct. The physical expression of the composition is simply and only that. No code to decipher I'm afraid. What he is actually doing most of the time is raising and lowering his hands on line with going up and down a saptak. He wavers at one level when he is performing a murkhi (small varition on 3 or 4 notes) and when he is stuttering his hand going up or down, he is executing a gamak meend. His hands are simply drawing a graph in thin air so to say. If anyone wants to see the King of gestures, look up Bhai Amerjit Singh (Nanaksar Vale) who is based on London. You wi
  8. Tony, no one has claimed to be anything, stop going off on one again. This is simply a case of 'observers' trying to categorise sadhu lok.
  9. Swami Parmanand is not really a Nirmala, but rather a Vedandist who recognises the same elements in Gurmat. Their Gurdev was Akhandanand Maharaj. They certainly do sangat with Nirmalai Sants and learn from them, but they are not part of the Nirmala Upsampryada. Swami Ji's pravachan on simran/bhagti/dhyaan are awesome, I would highly recommend coming and having his darshan for the remaining few days at Bhai Daljit Singh Nirmalas house in Tividale - 6am sharp. They will also be at Nanaksar Taath - Wolverhampton fro the 2nd to 4th Sep - 7.30pm to 8.30pm.
  10. Nice recital. The style of the Pakavaj is near identical to Jori bol, which are used in traditional kirtan. The Jori is actually a Pakavaj which has been split in2, hence the difference in the drum shape,sound and playing style from the modern tabla. Here is a nice example by 'Pinki'.
  11. "The part about Shastar Puja is pretty cool also. It's especially cool since Sant ji is Nirmala-focused not a Nihang. For anyone who didn't listen to that part yet, Sant ji says that real shastar puja is cleaning and maintaining your shastar and learning how to use it. If you don't know how to use it, waving all the incense sticks in the world around your khanda will not help you one bit when you are forced to use it. It's a great reality check for those who confuse Shastar Puja with some empty ritual that will magically teach you to fight like you've got 8 arms and a tiger." To be hone
  12. Whats wrong with the Sahara, there are some amazing people who live amazing lives there.. to them the Sahara is paradise. The same is true for Inuits and the Northern Hemisphere, Aborigines and the Outback, Tribal Indians and the Amazon. That is a perfect example of how people make their own hell.
  13. There is no worse hell than being seperated from the beloved. All other versions of hell in my opinion are an attempt at making people understand, a means to an end. It's irrelevant if they are real of metaphoric. As a wise Sufi once said in his deep understanding of Islam... we all create our own hells and our heavens, the versions portrayed in Semetic and Indian beliefs, not to mention every other faith (inc tribal) in the world, being perfect examples of the prevailent era/culture/environment dictating the nature of Heaven & Hell. For a Gursikh, the realisation of being withou
  14. It has always been common for Hazuri Sikhs to marry local Hindu women. The above statement is incorrect, as the Hazuri Sikhs children are probably the most proud Sikhs in all India!
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