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Scholars of Sikhism have always been quoting the poetic Gurbani created by the great Gurus and holy saints. But there is not any instance of quoting any prose of the Gurus. No doubt the Janam Sakhi literature and many annotated 'Tikas' are available but the original prose of the Gurus has never been mentioned.

In our unique web site we now very humbly present a prose piece of Sri Guru Arjan dev Ji - "The Prichhia".

'The Prichhia' is a unique composition, which expands the aspects of human psychology; a wonderful treatise lavishing a fund of knowledge in the realm of metaphysics!

Through the grace of the Guru we present the great 'Prichhia' to the Gursangat world-wide through our web site.

Your comments and criticism is most welcome (Kanwal)

Guru Arjan dictating the Adi Granth to Bhai Gurdas. The following "Prichha" is also the work of Guru Arjan


The Prichhia has been written by the 5th Master, Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

Pauri: One who holds a thoughtful concept in mind about a certain state of affairs, he or she should express it in a particular way. The Guru is benign enough to remove your predicaments with His grace. You would be emancipated from all worries and fears in this way. You should share your inner thoughts and indecision. By following the Guru's path no trouble or ailment would touch you. Always remember the Holy Word of the Guru says Nanak - you won't have any problems.

Sloak: Aad sach, jugad sach, hai bhi sach, Nanak hosi bhi sach. You have to read out this sloak five times. The dice has to be caste twice. This dice carries six letters on its all sides; sasa (s), rara ®, Bhabha (B), Gaga (g), Wava (v) and Nana (n) . This holy activity will remove all your doubts with the grace of the Almighty. Take it for granted as it is the ultimate truth.

Sasa: Sloak - Trouble has gone, anxiety is eliminated due to the submission of yourself to the Lord. You would be pleased to accomplish your desired goal. Says Nanak - go on reciting the holy name of the creator.

You were under a big problem. Now it is high time for you to submit to the Lord. By this holy deed you would be bestowed with desired gifts. Keep on reciting the glories of the Lord and believe this to be the ultimate truth, undoubtedly.

Rara: Sloak - The perfect one never shakes and perfection only comes by His Grace. The blissful one would increase in glory says Nanak - there won't be any shortfall in life.

The Lord Himself has blessed this phenomenon of your existence. Never be low in spirit. Your esteem will shine as the rising sun and it will grow perpetually to the climax.

Bhabha: Sloak - O Maskinia, you are blessed by the Lord because you have done a great deed to be defeated by the week Niwar. Nanak says that the powerful despots have always been ruined due to their false pride.

Undoubtedly you are under the vicious spell of conceit and unholy thinking. This kind of act is not beneficial to you at all. You are really mad in an acute situation. The big losses are in store for you and mind it there is no gain. The only way out is the recitation of the Holy Name of the Lord. If you practice this as a way of life you might get rid of your enormous problems.

Gaga: Sloak - All the shackles are removed by the holy company of pious people. Those who are soaked in the indelible dye of His Name says Nanak, they acquire a fast colour which never fades.

Your circumstances were under a continuous spell of falters. Now you are getting out of this awful situation. You should recite the Holy Name. Without the dedicated meditation you cannot succeed. Serve some holy saint and get his blessings. In this way you could become prosperous.

Wava: Sloak - Get up early in the morning and do your meditation. Nanak says that this is the only way out of your severe problems.

Obviously you are in great trouble but don't lose heart, Get up early in the morning and recite the true Name. Remember the great Lord day and night. In this way you your bad stars will change to good and a fresh new time will dawn upon you - leading to success.

Nana: Sloak - Greed, falsehood and dirty desires have enveloped your existence. You are attached to the filthy world. Nanak says - you are fettered with illusions.

Your designs are based on falsehood. You are a top most greedy person. Your thoughts would lead you to ignoble hell. Try to understand the situation and be aware of the ugly results of your actions. Do not waste anytime. Get into the kind protection of the Lord - who is the only saviour.

N.B. As we have noticed there are six letters on the dice. By throwing the dice twice we get 36 variables of this document. The psychologists believe that there are 36 aspects of human mind. Here is the end of 1st six situations.


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