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9 Types of Bhagatee


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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ke Fateh

There are 9 types OR stages of Bhagti:

1. Sarvan Bhagti: Listening to Waheguru's jas. It should be done with nirmanta and ikagarta/concentration.

2. Kirtan Bhagti: Doing or listening Kirtan. It should be done with nirmanta and ikagarta/concentration.

3. Simran Bhagti: Doing simran of Waheguru's Name. It could be done with various techniques.

4. Namaskar Bhagti: Apne RAAB nu namaskar karna.

5. Archan Bhagti: Apne Isht Dev/Guru nu RAAB jan ke dhoop deep karna.

6. Ardas Bhagti: Apne RAAB/Guru de age ardas karne.

7. Dasabhav Bhagti: Apne aap nu bahut chota janan.

8. Shakebahv Bhagti: Love RAAB like a friend.

9. Atamnavedan/Brahmgyan: Last stage: Apa loose kar dena and RAAB wich mil jana.


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