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A Challenge to Dancing Warrior


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Dancing Warrior

With reference to this:


and subsequent comments, it appears that despite the passage of time, even to this day you still have a lot to say - and none of it salutary - regarding the character and person of Javanmard.

In that post, you took it upon yourself to reveal Javanmard's identity, and to cast aspersions on his character. While this matter does not concern me directly, it does seem to me that Javanmard has a valid point: he responded to your attack by admitting his identity and by supplying a photograph of himself which everyone can obtain and see.

The comments you have made about Javanmard are of a serious nature and give me some pause for thought. You wrote: " Let me make it clear the debates are of substance however the narrator is not. " And you have maintained this highly personalised mode throughout your posts on this forum up to now.

So, will you supply a photograph of yourself or reveal your identity, as Javanmard has done? Sikh doesn't need anonymity, right?

Admin Note: Take it over the pm. Topic Closed. Reason Code: Pretty obvious, this forum is not a playground for personal squabbles.

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