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source: mrsikhnet.com

This morning I realized that the rest of the world was going to be celebrating valentines day. This holiday (like most) is not really religious (for most people at least) but a day when the guys are expected to do something sweet and nice for the girls in their life (wife, mother, sister, etc). So while I was meditating this morning I thought of making something creative to celebrate this day as a Sikh. I got excited and couldn’t hold myself back as the computer drew me to it like a magnet to iron. The result was three different wallpapers which you can see and download below. I hope you like them :)

Affirmations in Red

The first is in the theme of valentines day (red and hearts) with some different affirmations repeated in the background.


Japji Sahib Translation

This second one is the complete Japji Sahib English translation done by Guruka Singh with an Ik Ong Kaar. It took me a while to get it to fit just right with everything.


Affirmations in Green

The third is the same as the first one (affirmations), but green. I figured most guys wouldn’t want a pink/red wallpaper so this one was made in mind for any guys that don’t like the "girly" colors.


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