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diferance between haumai and ahankar?

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In very basic terms and loosely translated:

Ahankaar is akin to pride and ego (maybe somewhere in between or both).

Haumai is is the root of ahankaar - it is the notion of 'I' or 'self'.

Haumai is the root of our misery and pain - so long as haumai is dominant in us - I will feel life is unfair, I need to make my mark on the world, I need to save the world, I need to educate the world, I need to bring harmony to the world, I need to sleep 8 hours a day to rest my self, I need a big house, I need a big car, my religion is the best, my tribe/caste/biradari is the most brave/beautiful/intelligent/wise etc etc

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Haumai or haumei and ahankar are used interchangeably to mean both ego and egotism. The meaning comes from the context of the shabad -- whether haumei/ahankar refer to ego or to the false self of egotism. However ahankar carries with it an additional meaning -- self-conceit, the arrogance of egotism.

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