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waheguru je ka khalsa waheguru je ke fateh,

i would like some help my brother is going to India and he would like to bring couple of books from India on jeevan of mahapurkhs and about sikhi. I would like know what great book(am sure all books are great) i can recommend him about jeevan or relation in with Baba Nand Singh Je Nanaksarwale, Sant Jawalla Singh Je Harkhowale, Sant Maha Harnam Singh Bhuchon-Kalan Wale, Sant Ishar Singh Rarasahib wale, Sant Karam Singh Hoti-Mardan Wale or Sant Aya Singh ji.. (or any other mahapurkhs) or simply just about sikh isthaas. So please could some one just list me books i can recommend him, i would really appreicate it. and am sorry if i wrote something wrong or asked for them in a wrong way. Thanks 8)



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You can get 'Nau (9) Rattan' which covers the Bhai Daya Singh Samparda up to Sant Isher Singh Ji. There is also 'Jeevan Gatha' of Sant Attar Singh Ji Rerusahib wale and Mastuanewale as well.

I think the library at Rarasahib sells quite a few books about the jeevans of various Mahapursh. The shop at Damdami Taksal, Mehta, Amritsar is also a good place to get books about Mahapursh from that Samparda.

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Discourse on beyond series 1-6 in english highly recommended!!!!!!!!!

If you cannot find the english version of discourse on beyond series get the orginal work series of 8 volumes- bat agam ki by sant waryam singh ji ratwara sahib..both orginal and translations are must read.

Also you may want to get bhavrasamrit english translations by tirath singh nirmala if you want to sidhant of gurmat/theology in gurmat. pm tsingh member of this forum where to get your copy.

I hope he enjoys the trip :D

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