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Ahimsa and Guru Nanak

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Gurfateh cybersangat jio

i once came across a beatiful bani by Guru Nanak where he redefines the concept of non-violence(ahimsa) into being a universal concept that does not only relate to animals, but also to ones fellow beings. I've tried to search on srigranth.org on non-violence but could not find it and my panjabi spelling really sucks so i would appreciate it if someone could find it for me.

it goes something like

The ahimsa of the tongue is never to slander anyone

the ahimsa of the mind is never to think ill of any one

the ahimsa of the eyes is never to look upon anothers wife


its a really beaituful bani and i hope you will be able to help me find it

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on a site note i really like this bani because there is a tendency among veggie sikhs (i am a veggie myself) to praise one self for being so compassionate towards animals yet we dont stop to think about the way we treat our fellow human beings when we slander others, have ill thoughts and look down on others. We praise ourselves for being veggies and do not stop to think about how we treat the people around us.

The shabad is an eye opener to what ahimsa really is about

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