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"When the Guru's Hawk protects the Birds of Peace"

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Excellence of Sikhism, Sarup S. Alag

Mr. B.S. Murthi, former Minister of State for Health, Government of India, wrote a book entitled 'Opressed and Depressed'. In this book he described the problems of opressed and scheduled(backward) castes in India and advised the socially backward brethren that if they wanted to live a life of pride, honour and poise then they should accept the baptism of 'Khande Bate da Amrit' and take refuge in Guru Granth Sahib. Thus they will be saved from the age long chronic disease of social stratification and inequality.

He further states:

"In India, there is more need to bring awakening in scheduled class compared to any other caste. Their situation will not become better with reformation alone. They will have to be emancipated by accepting baptism('Khande Bate da Amrit'). Scheduled caste people are those sparrows, who have been haunted for generations by the religious stubborn and politically supreme hawks. As Guru Gobind Singh thought, these sparrows have to be taught to fight with the hawks who were proud of castes. If the backward caste have any self respect left in them, if their youth have any ambition to lead a respected purposeful life and if their women have to be freed from the fear of molestation and disgrace by the proud upper class arrogants, then it should not be difficult for them to make up their mind.

It is said that the sword which Guru Gobind Singh provided to the Khalsa Panth with His magnificence, Guru Nanak provided the steel for the sword. Guru Nanak Sahib used the hindu community as a raw ore, melted it and cleaned the impurities of fraud and carelessness of masterly class, deception and pretence of the priest class, and burned the slag in the furnace to achieve the steel for the sword. The reservoir of backward caste form of pig iron, needs to be gainfully employed as soon as possible. The frustations and escapism of these unfortunate and exploited people need to be moulded to prepare a new kind of steel in India.

To leave the backward caste people in their present form will be like wasting a large number of lives living a meaningless life without any hope or passion. If the backward castes can be united in the form of Sikhism then surely these people will take the country forward on a progressive path and equal to the developed countries. It is not just an imagination but its living proof is evident, as mentioned by historial Irvin, as follows:

"The lowest of the low, once needed to leave home and join the Guru - blessed Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, then within a short time came back to his birth place in the form of an all-powerful ruler. As soon as he stepped back into the boundary of his area, the rich and upper class wealthy were waiting for his order."

Continuing his argument Mr. Murthi states:

"...May be it won't happen like that today, neither it should happen like that anyway because today we are living in a free democratic society, but it is certain that after becoming a Sikh the backward caste won't have to remove his shoes and turban when entering the village, or as it happens in many places, remove his shirt and dhoti and wear a loin-cloth. He won't be called by the village head for questioning and after becoming a Sikh he will be able to walk swingingly and confidently with his head high with pride and full of self-respect."

According to Mr. Murthi"

"The white pigeons of Panchsheel would only be able to fly fearlessly in India's free skies, when there is also Guru Gobind Singh's white hawk flying in the air to protect them."


"Nanak naam Chardhi Kala tere bhane sarbat da bhalla"

('Praying for dynamic optimism of Naam and welfare of all'- Is our(Sikhs) morality.)

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